Tax Season Has Ended: Find an Accountant Now So Your Business is Better Prepared Next Year

 Find an Accountant With this year’s tax season over, the last thing you probably want to do is think about next year’s taxes, but planning now is essential for avoiding headaches and getting better control over your business’ financial future.

The sooner you start preparing, the better off you’ll be. As a business owner it’s crucial to understand how taxes affect your business throughout the year. Find an accountant now who can help you to do just that while freeing up your time to concentrate on your main responsibilities.

Why should you find an accountant before January 1st rolls around?


Saving money

While many small business owners may hesitate at adding another expense, consider that no matter how much the accountant charges you, the odds are you’ll save more than that cost. The savings could add up to thousands of dollars when it comes to tax time.

A good accountant with the right expertise will make sure you get all of the deductions and credits available to you. Working with taxes and the IRS is their full time job, so they know the ins and outs of the tax code far better than the average business owner.

The accountant can also help you to set up your business to file taxes as an S-Corporation which will help you to avoid many of those high federal self-employment taxes required as a sole proprietor.

Saving Time

One of the biggest challenges of any small business owner is time management. It seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. If you have to handle your own taxes, that’s a large chunk of time you could be spending on doing what you do best – making money for your company.

Find an accountant and you could save thousands of dollars in time, as we all know time is money.

Most importantly, hiring an accountant like the experts you’ll find at will give you the peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling your taxes correctly. When it comes to taxes and small business, it can be extremely complicated. If not done right, it could lead to financial disaster.

Find an accountant now and take one less worry off that list.

Find an Accountant at


Good Accountants helps individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. to find an accountant that meets their professional standards and specific requirements. We are the premier financial directory that connects professional financial services with those who need them.

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How Does It Work

Good Accountants has a very simple form that takes just a few seconds to fill out, once you have done this we can begin the process of locating the professional financial management services that will fit your requirements.

More than 10 million businesses have successfully used our directory in their search for bookkeeping and other accounting services. Whatever your needs are, we are the number one directory when you are trying to find an accountant for your business or individual needs.

How Long Does It Take

Depending upon your specific requirements, Good Accountants is usually able to find an accountant that fits your criteria quickly. The time frame varies dramatically depending upon the skill sets that you require. More sophisticated queries, such as CFO’s, can take a few days to find the right match or availability.

What Services Does Good Accountants Provide

Good Accountants is a directory service, a sort of search engine for accountants, bookkeepers and other financial management professionals. We provide our customers with a detailed list of qualified candidates that fit the criteria provided to us and are in your immediate area.

Our database consists of individual accountants, bookkeepers, accounting and audit firms and is one of the most trusted sources for locating outsourced CFO’s and Corporate CPA’s. Our directory is nationwide and is the number one ranked site of it’s kind.

Contact Good Accountants today by visiting our main website 24/7 and filling out our online form or give one of our professional service representatives a call for further assistance. We look forward to working with you and helping you to solve your financial management needs.

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Tips for Finding an Accountant at Tax Time

finding an accountant is easier than you ever thought possibleIt’s always best to plan ahead and secure an accountant who can work with you all year long to ensure that you’re prepared long before tax deadlines loom.

Of course, if you find yourself in a situation where you need help during the peak of tax season or want someone to prepare your taxes quickly and professionally, take advantage of deductions and credits or tackle complex tax situations, finding an accountant who is ideal for your specific circumstances can be accomplished by following these tips.

Talk to others who are in a similar situation

Whether you happen to be a small business owner or an individual, talking to colleagues, friends, family or neighbors who may be in a similar situation is a great way to find a good accountant who has the knowledge and expertise that is right for you.

Don’t choose an accountant out of the yellow pages

Finding an accountant by perusing the phone book is rarely the best option as the best accountants shouldn’t have to advertise their services unless they’ve recently relocated to a new location.

Asking lots of questions

It’s crucial to ask plenty of questions in order to find the accountant who will be the best to help with your needs. If you have special circumstances, you need an accountant who has the expertise and experience for your specific situation, such as for those living outside of the U.S. or who own a small business.

Verifying licenses, qualifications and thoroughly checking references is also a necessity.

Fortunately, can be your best resource with much of this work already taken care of for you. Highly qualified clients are selected based upon their educational background, years of experience, area of expertise and even professional accomplishments and affiliations that meet the requirements set by you.

Finding an accountant quickly is much easier by utilizing the expert business consultants at who are available to assist you in locating the one that is perfect for your business or personal needs – and at no cost to you.

How an Accountant in New York Can Grow Your Business

an accountant in new york can help your business grow from far away. A good number of entrepreneurs start out handling every aspect of the business, including finances. It doesn’t take long before realizing that the majority of their time is spent handling the books, processing payroll and trying to figure out complicated tax regulations- time that should be spent networking and growing the business.

How can an accountant in New York help grow your business? If the organization is still in the initial start-up phase, an accountant can help you by providing invaluable financial advice for your corporate setup as well as assist with short-term financial strategies and setting up taxation, registration as well as filing corporate tax returns. Many are also able to recommend and set up appropriate accounting software including implantation and the training of staff, if needed.

If you’ve moved past the initial early stages, there are several other ways that an accountant in New York can help contribute to the success and ultimate growth of your business.

Giving you more time

Hiring an accountant will allow you to focus on what you do best. Time is priceless, and knowing you have an expert with in-depth knowledge of accounting and your specific industry will take a major stress off of your shoulders and provide you with the time you need to network and grow the business.

Cost savings

Even if time is not an issue, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws and business regulations. If they aren’t filled out correctly, and on time, you could face heavy fines. An accountant in New York who has the necessary experience and expertise will make sure that you take advantage of every legal way to minimize your tax bill as well as filling out everything correctly so that you don’t have to deal with stressful and costly issues in the future.

Identifying issues that could bring the business down

An accountant can be an excellent source of general business advice and financially planning for the future. In addition, a trustworthy professional will be able to identify issues, allowing you to resolve them quickly and remove challenges that could be in the way of the growth of your organization. can help you find an accountant in New York that is the best fit for your business at no cost or obligation, making it even easier to find the professional you need quickly.

How to Find a Bookkeeper Who is Right for your Business

find a bookkeeper with goodaccountants.comWhile some entrepreneurs attempt to handle the books themselves when embarking on a new business venture, it usually doesn’t take long before realizing how much time and effort it takes – time that could be better spent on growing the business.

It is crucial to the success of any business to find a bookkeeper who has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge of not only bookkeeping, but your particular industry or one that is similar. Financial data that is mismanaged has the potential to put an organization out of business and cause a nightmare for its owner.

Once you are aware of the importance of hiring a professional who can be trusted to handle the financial side of your business, how do you find a bookkeeper who has the potential to contribute to the success of your organization?


The right bookkeeper must be someone that can be completed trusted as they’ll not only be handling money but will likely have access to privileged, delicate information that must be kept confidential. Thoroughly checking references of past employers or clients, and even performing a background check can go a long way in assuring the bookkeeper you hire is a honest, trustworthy candidate.

Communication skills

Some bookkeepers may be better at crunching numbers than communicating; however, the best bookkeepers will not only be a whiz with the books but they should also have outstanding communication skills. If a problem arises they need to be able to discuss it with you – or with others in the organization in order to resolve it.  As you’ll probably be working closely with this person you also need to be able to relate to them and feel comfortable having a variety of conversations.

Experience and education

The best bookkeeper may not have a degree in accounting, but some formal coursework or certification does show professionalism as well as expertise. More important is their past experience on the job. Having an in-depth conversation with at least two former employers about their past performance will give you a good glimpse as to how the bookkeeper might handle future responsibilities.

By contacting, you can be assured that all bases will be covered with expert specialists who can assist you to find a bookkeeper who is the most qualified and the best fit for your organization, and at absolutely no cost.

How to Make Sure Your Company’s Finances are in the Hands of the Best Accountants can help you find the best accountants in the businessIf you want to set your business up for a successful future, ensuring that the financial aspects are handled by the best accountants is imperative. Your accountants serve as valued advisors and receiving the wrong advice by a poorly qualified accountant or trying to handle the business finances on your own can lead to financial disaster.

The best accountants will make sure your company is in compliance with complex government legislation, including taxes, offer valuable tax planning and reporting services, maintain the business’ financial records, generate financial documents, and much more.

With so many accountants out there to choose from, how do you know that your firm’s finances will be handled by the best?

Ask questions

There is no such thing as a bad question, and that certainly applies to finding the best accountants. Ask lots of questions to potential candidates including:

  • Why should I use you?
  • Do you have industry experience?
  • Who are some of your other clients? Can I call them for a reference?
  • What type of advice do you typically offer?
  • What are your credentials?
  • What is the scope of services offered?
  • How can you save or make my business money?
  • When are you available? (Days, hours, or even season as some tax preparers are only available during the first four months of the year)

Come up with your own list of questions based on the needs of your business, the more the better. You’ll also want to be sure the accountant is a good fit personally in addition to professionally with a high level of access to privileged information.

The accountant should also ask you lots of questions about your business to determine if he or she is a good fit. If the accountant seems uninterested, look elsewhere.


Once you believe the accountant has the potential as the right one for your business, ask for references from a variety of clients, and if possible include one who owns a business that is similar to yours. Call each and ask them to convince you that he or she is one of the best accountants for the job.

Using a referral service

One of the easiest and most effective ways to find the right accountant is to contact With a nationwide registry that includes thousands of the most qualified – and the best accountants in the business, their expert business consultants can assist you in finding the one that is perfect for your business or personal needs at absolutely no cost to you

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Internal Audits

find out about the benefits of hiring an accountant for your internal audit An accountant who handles internal audits for a company is able to review the firm’s financial management practices as well as check for fraud, waste and imperfect practices. They are able to examine internal financial documents and can serve to increase accuracy of financial data that will help the business avoid potential legal or financial issues.

An internal auditor can offer huge benefits to the company; often saving the company more money over time than it costs to employ their services. Just a few of the benefits of hiring an accountant for internal audits include the following.

The protection of company assets

Employee theft is extremely common and costs companies billions of dollars every year. Preventing this financial drain on your profits requires a strict system of internal controls, including hiring an experienced internal auditor. A skilled auditor can put this type of system into place and also monitor it to prevent theft by ensuring that there are no opportunities that might tempt an employee to steal from the company. The internal auditor will also perform random checks that assure that the controls put into place are effective.

Increase the value of the company by improving performance

Another benefit of internal audits is the critical analysis provided of company efficiency. This is another way that employing an accountant for this service can actually save your business money over time. The audit can determine whether or not your products and services are marketed at competitive rates and will also meet your short and long term financial goals in addition to ensuring that vendor contracts are providing the best value and services for the dollar?

Accurate financial statements

A CPA audited financial statement offers a big value by putting your investors at ease of the accuracy of information, giving them confidence that your books are accurate. Lenders will also view your company as more reputable, leading to lower interest rates when borrowing.

When a qualified accountant performs these audits, your financial statements, including various accounting documents such as accounts payable and expense reports, will be examined to be sure your business is following generally accepted accounting principles. The internal auditor will also provide a qualified opinion on these statements which will help you make informed decisions in relation to the finances of the business which can lead to greater success, and increased profits. is able to provide qualified and experienced accountants for internal audits for a wide variety of companies from non-profit organizations and multi-national corporations to colleges, universities, hospitals and more.

How to Find an Accountant

when it comes time to find an accountant think of goodaccountants.comIf you need to find an accountant for your business, searching the internet is a good place to start. After searching for a few minutes, you should have a general idea of the services offered and prices charged for accounting services. An internet search is also useful if you are not sure what specific services you need. With the many listings of accountants and services offered, you can decide your specific needs and then choose an accountant who can provide those services for your business. If you use a search engine to look for an accountant, you will find on the first search page many established firms that provide accounting services. Keep in mind that just because they are first in the search, they might not be best for your needs .Search thoroughly to see the full range of accountants available to you.

Specific Websites

Another way to find an accountant is to use a quotation website. These allow you to enter the services needed, and accountants registered through the site send you a quote. Of course you won’t want to just pick the lowest quote; you will need to inquire further before making a choice. You can also find accountants through your search, and view their websites. You can view the list of services they provide to see if they offer what your company needs. They often have references from former and current customers available for you to read. Many offer an option for submitting information about your needs, and then they will send you a quote for their rates on the requested services.

Online Registries

Another way to locate an accountant for your company is to go to an online registry of professional accountants. An accountant registry, such as, can provide you with information on registered accountants that are available for full time, part time, long term and short term hiring. You tell them what you need, and they match you with accountants, accounting firms, and auditors. Their matching services are free. You can then narrow down the choices by contacting the ones you are most interested in. You should, by then, have established the criteria you are looking for so that you are able to ask questions as needed in order to make your final choice.

Sources Besides The Net

If you have exhausted your online search, but haven’t been able to make a final determination, there are several other ways to find an accountant. One way is to check the yellow pages of your local phone directory. Many accountants and accountant firms have ads posted in the yellow pages that provide a list of their services, as well as contact information. Many have websites that you may not have come across in your search. You can browse the websites of local accountants listed in the yellow pages. You can also contact colleagues and acquaintances to see which accounting firms they use. Although every business has different accounting needs, if a colleague is happy with the services of an accounting firm, the firm could be a good match for you as well.

Tips to Find a Bookkeeper

Finding an individual or company to provide bookkeeping services for your business can be extremely difficult. The difficulty is not in the lack of bookkeepers, but rather from the large number of companies and individuals who offer bookkeeping. How do you know which bookkeeper to choose? To find a bookkeeper may seem daunting enough, but then you must select from many choices.

Searching For The Bookkeeper

One of the easiest ways to find a bookkeeper is to perform a search online. Online registries of professional accountants and bookkeepers, such as, provide information for reputable, experienced bookkeepers. You can also use a search engine to look for bookkeepers. Pay particular attention to the top ten or so listings, as they have earned the best internet reputations. You can also ask colleagues for recommendations for bookkeepers in your area whom they have been satisfied with. Another option for finding a bookkeeper is consulting the yellow pages of your local phone directory. You will find contact information at a minimum, and if the bookkeeper has an ad, you can find out more about individual services offered.

Once you have found some prospective bookkeepers, you need to narrow down your choices and make a decision. Many bookkeepers offer free consultations so that you can meet them and find out more about the services they offer and the fees that they charge. An individual or company that will offer you a free consultation is always a good sign, because it shows that they care about gaining new clients and are much more likely to work with you to suit your unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. By speaking with the prospective bookkeeper, you will be able to easily assess if their services are in line with your goals.


There are many important questions you will need to ask a prospective bookkeeper. You should, of course, ask about experience and get some references for companies they have worked for that are similar to your own. Every industry differs in its accounting needs, and what works in one industry is not always the best option for another industry. You know what your specific needs are, so be sure to choose a bookkeeper who is experienced and capable in those areas. If your business is related to the internet, for example, you will need a bookkeeper who is experienced with e-commerce.

You also need to establish how many hours per week you will need bookkeeping services so that you can find a bookkeeper who can accommodate your needs. If you are only looking for a part time bookkeeper, consider consulting an online registry, such as Good Accountants, that can provide you with contact information for accountants and bookkeepers that can be hired on a part time or short term basis. A registry can also provide contact information for bookkeepers that are available for full time employment as well.

How to Find an Accountant

when you need to find an accountant go to goodaccountants.comMany people wait until the last minute, or an emergency, before realizing they need an accountant, but it’s best to be proactive and find an accountant before you’re in desperate need or his or her services. Hiring an accountant can be one of the most important business decisions you’ll have to make, and should not be rushed. Consider all of these important aspects when embarking on your search, and increase your chances of finding the right accountant that you can build a long term relationship with.


Word of mouth is always the best way to find an accountant that is reputable, but preferably, you should ask for a referral from people who are in a similar life situation and have similar financial needs. If you know someone in the profession, but they aren’t suitable for your particular financial situation, they can be an excellent source for finding an accountant who is. Ask lots of questions and find out about the accountant’s performance as well as working style to consider if he or she would be a good fit.


An accountant that needs to advertise may not be the best way to find an accountant unless they are just starting out or recently relocated to a new location. A busy accountant means that they provide good service. If you don’t know anyone personally who can recommend a good accountant, try talking with other business owners in your industry, or your industry association if there is one.

Narrowing the options

Once you have a short list of potential accountants, schedule an initial meeting to compare qualifications, experience and services offered. Meet the accountant at their office or place of work to get the best idea of their professionalism and personality. Personality and work style are both crucial factors for good long term fit. One of the most important questions to ask is, “Why should I use you?” You’ll also want to find out how the accountant calculates their fees.

Be sure to conduct an in-depth interview of each potential candidate. You’ll want a good fit personally and professionally with the accountant that you’ll be entrusting a lot of private information with, and possibly even your life savings. Find out about their life experiences and even hobbies, in addition to their accounting experience.

If you want to find an accountant that is right for your business, it’s important to take the time and ask the right questions in order for your company to truly succeed.