Michael S. Fedele: Featured Accountant in Homewood, Illinois

You’re in luck if you need to find an accountant in Homewood, Illinois. Our next featured accountant, Michael S. Fedele, may be just the professional you need, offering a wide variety of accounting services that can help you and your business achieve success.

Fedele founded his organization, Fedele and Associates in 1996. It’s since become a leader among small accounting firms throughout the Chicagoland area, combining quality with affordability. He serves publicly and privately owned clients in many different industries from construction and real estate to medical, educational institutions, manufacturing companies and more.

Financial auditing

If you’re in need of financial audits, Fedele is one of the best you can turn to, specializing in this service by performing the highest quality financial audits as well as outstanding reports with full disclosures in the notes so that you can present your company to creditors and third parties in a professional and impressive fashion.

In connection with financial auditing, his firm has extensive experience with some of the most difficult accounting and reporting problems for big and small companies throughout many industries. Fedele and Associates can help you reorganize your business, increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline your operations to help it become more profitable.

Tax services

Fedele also provides a wide range of tax services that goes far beyond simple tax preparation. He can help with everything from money and tax saving strategies to estate tax preparation, consultation and wealth maximization. Whether you have unfiled tax returns, are facing an audit, tax liens or other issues, Fedele can help resolve your problems and get you back on track.

Full scope business strategies

Whether you’re just starting your business or are at any other point in its lifecycle, Fedele can provide services that will help you achieve success, including everything from new business set up and development to business strategy consulting and solutions, full service payroll, operation streamlining strategies, fraud investigation and research, and much more.

If you’d like to find out more about Michael S. Fedele and how he can help you, the easiest way to do that is through his Good Accountants featured profile. Get in touch with this outstanding accountant in Homewood, Illinois today, and you’ll likely wish you hadn’t waited so long