Darrel Whitehead: Featured Accountant in Huntington Beach, California

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual in need of an accountant in the greater Orange County area, you’ll be happy to hear that our next featured accountant is Darrel Whitehead in Huntington Beach, California. He serves as the Executive Director of Darrel Whitehead CPAs, an accounting practice that performs tax, accounting, and administrative services. His firm is currently serving over 600 clients and maintains competitive differentiation by supporting business finance, IT, and platform accounting solutions for internet businesses.

Darrel Whitehead began his career at Arthur Anderson, moving on to a regional CPA firm, Singer Lewak in business management developing expertise in taxation and managing the business affairs of high profile clients in the music and entertainment industries.

He provides invaluable business advisory services through his team of CPAs with the belief that success begins with an in-depth understanding of each client, committing to thoroughly comprehending each client’s goals and objectives. With an outstanding ability to grasp complex circumstances and the details of the business and transactions combined with superior technical expertise, a comprehensive framework for developing innovative strategies and solutions results.

Darrel Whitehead understands that the work of an accountant is extremely important to a businesses’ financial health and that good financial records are also important in an individual’s life, particularly in regard to tax matters.  The firm’s Attestation Services Team possesses extensive experience in all types of business environments from small, entrepreneurial enterprises to large multi-national corporations, which uniquely qualifies the team to deliver audit, review and compilation services of only the highest quality and value.

It is Darrel Whitehead’s consistent professional and exceptional service that has led him to be the latest Good Accountants’ featured accountant.

In addition to business advisory services, Darrel Whitehead can provide numerous other services such as:

  • Audit Services
  • Elder Care
  • Internal Controls
  • Business Valuation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Payroll
  • IRS Representation

To find out more about Darrel Whitehead and the extensive services he is able to provide, you can find him in our Good Accountants featured profile. If you’re seeking a trustworthy accountant in Huntington Beach, California you can get in touch with him directly here as well.

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