Make Your Business a Pillar in the Community, Not a Trend with Financial Guidance

If you want a new business to make it in today’s economy, it’s all about the numbers. It’s reported that 80 percent of new business owners will fail in the first 18 months after they open their doors, often because of poor money management by the business owner. Not just overspending, but not saving, investing and budgeting where it’s necessary all play a part in new business failure. With bookkeeping services for small businesses, this chaos can be avoided.

A professional bookkeeper or CPA will look at the costs you have to run your business, as well as your profits, to see where you need to save money and where you could potentially save money. The bookkeeper will budget all of your business accounts, like the checking account, payroll account and savings or investment accounts. If you have loans on any equipment or other items, they will also help manage the loans.

The idea when owning a small business is to minimize or eliminate debt. This allows you to be as profitable as possible and reduces your risk of bankruptcy. The bookkeeper can help you pay off the loans you have faster, so you can gain more equity in your assets and your business. They will also be a valuable source of information for tax related matters.

You want to find a CPA that does bookkeeping services for small businesses who is also a tax expert. Many CPA professionals are also tax accountants, and they can help you pay less to the government. They will let you know what purchases to make to write off expenses, how you can save on payroll tax, and what amount you should to donate to charity.

The accountant can come in and do a financial analysis of your business to see if you are missing money, losing money, and what is going wrong. They will reform your budget, create a new plan for you to follow, and help you start investing your money more wisely so you can put money back into your company and plan for the future. Find an accountant to get you on the right financial path at

Do Your Skills Add Up to be a Good Accountant?

If you are considering a career in the field of accounting, there are some character traits and personal habits that may indicate this is the right career path for you. To be an accountant, you have to do more than just be good with numbers and calculations. You have to provide a service to others, especially if an accident happens and you need immediate assistance. You have to be personable, responsible, and diligent. People want to find an accountant they can connect with and trust, since money is a vital part of life.

If you are an analytical thinker always thoroughly thinking through every move and decision, this may be the field where you strive. If you always weigh out the risks and the gains of every situation and you make sure that you know all of the details before you decide on anything, chances are that you will have a strong career in accounting.

An accountant needs to be organized and very detailed, because all of your calculations are going to require it. You have to be able to pay attention and stay on task when starting a project, and be able to go over your own work to look for flaws. Working with numbers and calculations is an everyday component, so you should enjoy doing math, analyzing gain and loss data, and have general banking skills.

There are many people and small business owners who would much rather let an expert handle their checking and savings accounts. When people are ready to find an accountant for their personal finances or for business financial management, they want to find an accountant who is certified. You will want to get a degree in finance so you are properly trained, and then take the necessary testing to become a CPA.

Find an accountant that can mentor you while you are in school, or while you are preparing to get certified, so you can see what your potential work day could be like. If you are positive that you want to manage money, work with clients, and be an accountant for the rest of your life, start by getting enrolled in an education program and map your route.

CPA Students Expand Their Skill Sets With Summer Programs

cpa students benefit from summer programsA CPA student is hard at work throughout the school year, studying and practicing their accounting skills so that they are prepared for their career. When the summer months roll around, some students look forward to the break, but others are searching for summer programs to help them gain more experience. Local leaders in the accounting industry can team up with the universities and colleges in the area to offer these summer programs, and they put together summer workshops for the students.

Getting an Edge Over Their Peers

One of the biggest advantages to participating in a CPA summer program is the fact that it gives the students more experience, to strengthen their resume after graduation. Accounting firms like to hire students who have made the extra effort to improve their skills and get real-world experience, and these workshops offer unique opportunities for them.

These summer accounting programs are literally shaping the future of the accounting industry, because the students will be transitioning into their careers within a few short years. The accounting firms recognize the value of investing in the students, because they have qualified graduates to hire.

Finding a Trusted Professional to Work With

If you are looking for a qualified CPA, then it is important that you find a source that you can trust. is a great option to help you connect with an accounting professional in your area, and the directory is easy to use. You simply enter in your information, and within 15 seconds will you will have access to information about qualified accountants in your area who are available to help.

It can save you a lot of time and money to hire an accountant, especially if you don’t have the knowledge or experience to handle complex finances. An accountant is familiar with the industry best practices, and they also have a thorough understanding about local laws that are applicable. They will be able to advise you on the best process to manage your finances, whether it be for a personal, business, non-profit, or any other organization. Search on to find a CPA today!

What Is A Corporate CPA?

corporate cpa

corporate cpa

Many have heard the term CPA and know that it stands for certified public accountant.  A Corporate CPA is a certified public accountant which deals strictly with corporations and the business industry, as opposed to accountants for private individuals.  If you are considering corporate cpas for your business, it is important to know exactly what services this type of accountant provides and how you can find a Corporate CPA to help you out.

What Duties Does A Corporate CPA Fulfill?

A CPA is the general type of accountant which offers individuals help with tax preparation and other related financial matters.  A corporate CPA, on the other hand, is more specialized in their knowledge regarding industry standards.  Also, these types of CPAs focus their dealings on corporations as opposed to private individuals.

A Corporate CPA is a good professional to contact if you are setting up a new business.  This type of accountant will walk you through the financial aspects of your corporate setup and help you with regard to your expenditures and more.  If you are starting a new business, contacting a CPA who is well-versed in corporate dealings is a smart move to make.

CPAs who work in the corporate end of the financial industry can also help with managing your financial statements.  They will go over your finances with you and make sure that everything adds up as it should.

Should your company face an audit in the future, you should contact a corporate CPA to help you through the audit.  They will aid you in collecting the proper documentation and walk you through the process so that you will feel at ease and have the proper knowledge when it comes to the basis of the audit.

Finding a CPA For Your Business Needs

When the time comes to locate a CPA to handle your corporate needs, there are a few places where you can look.  Some of the more popular options include online searches, Yellow Pages and asking friends and family members for recommendations.  When reviewing the possible choices, think of what you are looking for in a business CPA and how much your budget will allow you to spend for such accounting services.  Meet with prospective corporate cpas to see if they will meet your accounting needs and then select the best one based on your initial meeting and the services which the CPA will offer to you.

The Benefits of Accounting Firms and How to Find the Right One

finding a good accounting firm is crucial for your businessIf you’re the owner of a business, you may have started out thinking that you could handle the financial side of things on your own, as many entrepreneurs have done. In the beginning, keeping track of the books is fairly simple but as your company grows, trying to run your business while being responsible for taking care of taxes and accounts can quickly become overwhelming, even with accounting software. This is the point where accounting firms can become a crucial part of the success of your business.

With so many accounting firms out there, how do you choose?

First, you’ll need to make a list of the services you plan to use and narrow down your choices to those firms that provide those benefits. Some of the services offered by many include:

  • Basic accounting services including the management of payables and receivables as well as financial reports for banks, investors or internal use.
  • Payroll management as well as payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting.
  • Tax Services, including preparing and filing federal, state and local tax returns. Most accounting firms will also work with you through the year to help minimize your tax burden.
  • If you don’t have a full-charge bookkeeper on staff, the firm should also be able to provide those services for you including maintaining a general journal, reconciling bank statements and analyzing receivables and payables.
  • Many firms will help your business set up appropriate accounting software including implementation and training and provide help if there are issues or questions come up in regard to its use.
  • If your business is audited, the firm can be a huge help in making sure that your financial statements are accurate and complete.

Once you’ve decided which services your business will need, start prioritizing the list from most critical to the least critical. Next, you’ll need to compile a list of accounting firms. You might check the yellow pages, search online, but the best option is a good reference from, family or colleagues who are already using a firm and are happy with the services received.

Look for a firm that specializes in your size of business, with experience in your industry, and is not only reasonably priced, but is able to provide useful advice as well as all of the critical services you need. It’s important that you can trust the firm and can build a long term relationship with the accountant you’ll be working with. Remember to thoroughly check their client references, and don’t commit to a long relationship until you feel comfortable that the firm will be reliable and provide the services your business really needs.


When Your Business Should Hire a CPA Firm

cpa firmsCPA firms provide a number of benefits when compared to other types of financial professionals.  These firms employ highly trained, well educated professionals who have a deep understanding of all of the financial laws and regulations in place for businesses.  They also have a strict code of ethics that promotes integrity.

A CPA firm can help your business in many different ways, and should not be thought of as just bean counters that you need at certain times to the year to help with year-end reporting or tax time.  CPAs can help with a number of business issues including business planning, investment advice, tax planning, financial planning, and even employee benefit packages.

To ensure you get the very most out of CPA firms you should keep in mind certain qualifications.  The first thing you need to look into are licenses.  The firm you are considering should be able to provide proof that they are licensed to practice in your area and all accountants on staff are also licensed and certified.  You may also want to find out if the firm belongs to any professional organizations and if they hold any other accreditation.  You will want to be sure they are familiar with your situation and will be compatible to work with your business.

To ensure compatibility with your business, think about what services you will need the CPA firm to perform.  The firm must be able to abide by all of the laws and regulations that govern your business in your area.  While most firms do offer a full line of services to accommodate several different types of businesses in many industries, not all of them do, so take the time to make sure the firm you choose will work to meet your precise needs.

You should also spend some time and interview a number of different firms.  Never hire the first company you come across.  Ask about their years in business, the level of experience their staff possess, their rate schedule, and if they will work with your business and your financial staff.  You will want to be sure you feel comfortable with, and trust, your choice as you will be disclosing a great deal of personal financial information.

Finally, you will want to verify what is included in their fees so that you get the most for your money.  If you are paying top dollar for CPA services you will want to make sure you are getting a full and comprehensive service package. Continues to Offer Tax Payers the Best Accounting Professionals

Suzanne LoBiondo, CPA: Merrick, NY

The online accounting network known as has made it its mission to provide customers with free access to a database of the top accounting professionals in the world. The online accounting network strives to help users find accountants who possess the highest level of skill in order to meet a broad range of business and personal accounting needs. A team of professional business consultants that aid with the process help customers to breathe easy knowing they’re getting the best accountants and tax advisors in the country to attend to their finances.

The accountants featured on this site are screened for personal expertise, level of experience, professional affiliations as well as for their customer service records. All information is kept confidential and there is no obligation to continue working with any accountant that does not appear to be a good match. It has never been easier to find and hire the perfect accountant or financial professional for your business and or personal needs.

Since accountants offer a variety of specialized services it is important to be sure the accountant or accounting firm you select is the best one for your precise needs. From services as basic as filing an individual tax return to more elaborate record keeping and financial management your accountant can make a difference in whether you fail or succeed. recruits only top accountants to join their national network and is proud to welcome Suzanne LoBiondo, of C&L Tax and Accounting Services LLP, a boutique accounting firm located in Merrick, NY. Suzanne LoBiondo and her firm have many years of experience helping business owners, and provide full service accounting solutions for all size businesses as well as private individuals.

For more information about Suzanne LoBiondo, please log onto or call 1 (800) 505-7861. You’ll be thrilled with the ease of use this free web-based service offers.

Find an Accountant in Time for Tax Season

Tax season is a common time of year when people start scrambling to find an accountant for assistance with their returns and finances.  Since there are a large number of accountants operating today, locating the best accountant for your needs may be a bit difficult.  To help you find an ideal professional, here are a few tips.

Ask Around:  Talk to people you know, and ask who they recommend for an accountant.  If you know someone who has a similar financial situation to your, start by asking who they use and if they are pleased with their services.

Use Caution:  Accountants who make promises of large refunds or offer to deduct every possible expense you have is probably not the best accountant for tax season.  Even though you hired a professional to prepare your return, you are the one who is responsible for what is filed.

Look at Enrolled Agents: Enrolled Agents (EAs) are a type of tax professional who has undergone in depth background checks by the IRS and has passed a strict test.  EAs often provide exceptional assistance for those who have very complex tax situations.

Find a Certified Public Accountant:  Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed in the state in which they work, and have passed a difficult CPA examination.  Some CPAs specialize in particular areas, such as business taxes, general taxes, or audits, and are best at handling issues that may be somewhat complex.

Consider a Tax Attorney:  When looking to find an accountant, a tax attorney may be your better option.  Tax attorneys are legal representatives who specialize in tax law.  These attorneys often have a law degree in taxation (known as an LL.M.) and are required by law to hold a juris doctor degree (J.D.).  Tax attorneys can handle difficult situations such as assisting you in tax court, or filing estate tax returns.