David Huber Awarded Best CFO: Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Great CFO Service

CFO of the year David Huber - find a CFO service todayThe NJBIZ CFO of the Year awards program celebrates New Jersey’s financial executives at all levels who contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability. David Huber, CFO of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, was honored as the best CFO for a private company generating revenue of over $50 million.

Huber noted the importance of the CFO role in today’s business world. Where it was once largely a record-keeping rule, he said, “Today the CFO is expected to be a business partner to the CEO and senior management team. The CFO must be able to understand the business from the frame of reference of constituents, including customers, employees, board members, rating agencies, regulators, etc. I spend most of my time looking forward.”

The value of a good CFO cannot be underestimated, in fact, some say the CFO may be even more important than a CEO. A CFO needs a wide variety of skills and experiences in the ever-changing market structure of today’s world. The person in this essential role is often called upon to weigh in on strategic decisions involving the organization, including everything from transactions to providing assessments of emerging markets and analyses that go way beyond looking at the books and figuring out whether or not there is enough cash available to support an investment.

With a business’ success or failure often hinging on the talents of the CFO, it’s essential to find just the right person to fill that role. You’ll want to find a CFO service that can locate the top talent available to perform tasks that are vital to the company.

You may want to find a CFO service that is able to provide an Outsourced CFO to help manage your financial operations as an excellent cost savings solution. An increasing number of small to midsize business owners have discovered that they can afford a seasoned CFO by utilizing CFO services, relieving the big burden of managing the company’s financing, while allowing them to focus on what they do best.

If this sounds like good business sense to you, to find a CFO service that can provide your company with the best talent available while eliminating the need to pay the high costs associated with hiring an employee like payroll taxes and health benefits, look to GoodAccountants.com who can deliver the most qualified CFO candidates to choose from at no cost or obligation.

CFO Resigned? How to Find a CFO to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Find a CFOWhat should a company do after their CFO has resigned? Recently, Jim Bonsall, the CFO for the city of Detroit resigned, after allegations were made that he demeaned a coworker during a meeting. An internal investigation is moving forward to determine if Bonsall made the racial remarks that he has been accused of. He submitted his resignation as a result of the controversy.

In this situation, the next step is to find a CFO for the city of Detroit, which can be a lengthy process in order to locate a qualified person who can handle the responsibilities that come from managing the finances of a city. It is essential that a qualified CFO is hired, because hiring the right person can be the difference between financial success or failure of the organization.

The rocky economic climate in the United States has made it more important to find a CFO who can manage financial assets wisely. The CFO is responsible for protecting the bottom line and making sure that expenses can be met. In the process, he needs to find ways to trim the fat without causing harm to the success of the company. It has been said that the CFO may be even more important than the CEO. The CFO will have a good hold on the financial outlook for the company, and they will be able to advice the decision makers on how the money is best spent based on the financial resources that are available.

One good option is to outsource CFO services through a trusted company, such as GoodAccountants.com. The CFO services that are available will provide a company with high quality talent at a cheaper cost than hiring an independent CFO.

The process to find a CFO usually involves heavy recruiting to locate qualified candidates, followed by background checks, reference checks, and intensive interviewing to pick the right person. Even after all of this work has been completed, the company is still taking a risk to see if the person will be the best fit for the company. Using CFO services allows a company to have access to top CFO candidates without obligation or cost.

Outsourced CFO Services Assist Family Businesses

How to Assist Family Businesses

Using Outsourced CFO Services

Outsurced CFO ServicesAlthough wealthy families face considerable complexity in trying to approach their investments sensibly and creatively, implementing a few focused tips can make a great deal of difference over time.  The outsourced CFO services one often needs to maintain financial veracity should always come from individuals that have compassion for financial management, yet should never get hired without being properly vetted beforehand.  Here’s some intricate areas where these outsourced CFO’s can assist.

Investment Consultant To Family Biz

The role of an investment consultant should be to help make his or her clients better investors by providing impartial advice and explaining where clients may be making costly mistakes. For their part, wealthy individuals and families who are not completely satisfied with their investment process should hold their investment professionals to a higher standard, wherever possible. As discussed in the next chapter, we believe that having an independent investment consultant is the best way for high-net-worth individuals and families to avoid their most common mistakes.  Thankfully, these CFO services are always around from trustworthy companies.


Starting a business is challenging on many fronts. For many, the initial focus when starting a company is how to bring customers ‘through the door’ and start delivering profitable sales. While this is wholly understandable, taking a step back from the cut and thrust of day-to-day operations and focusing on the technology your business uses could be of massive benefit in the long-term. It might seem like something rather trivial now, but focusing on technology first will put that task to bed, and make your life easier.

Selling A Biz

Most people sell a business only once in their lifetime. Therefore, it is common to find that even the most successful entrepreneurs are not familiar with the selling process. Selling a business fast is more difficult and it is definitely not the recommended strategy to get the best price for the business. However, in some cases, there may not be too many options left. In case a business needs to be sold fast, hiring outsourced CFO services would prove most amicable in getting your finances in a row and prevent others from fearing you’ve ‘cooked the books’.

Finances Are Finicky

Even in such cases when you’ve hit it big with structured settlements, chief financial officers can assist in maintaining your finances, especially if using the funds in business. While it’s nice to receive regular payments on a structured settlement, it’s also great to receive a large lump of cash if you find yourself in a pinch. Outsource these financial services before making egregious mistakes with your payments.

Three Crucial Steps to Find a CFO You Can Trust

find a cfo for your small businessIf you want to find a CFO for your company, you probably realize the importance of this decision for your firm’s financial health as well as the ultimate success of the organization. Finding a CFO that you can trust to handle privileged information and make sound financial decisions may be one of the most crucial strategies in taking your business to the top.

To find a CFO that is right for you and your organization, it will take some time and effort, but there is no doubt that your diligence will pay off by finding a professional that can be counted on. Consider these three important steps and you’ll be well on your way to hiring the right CFO for the job.

What do you want in a CFO?

Your first step in locating a CFO is to determine the critical roles you’d like this person to be responsible for. A CFO may be able to help develop and execute financial strategies, implement business plans, create contingency plans during a soft market, provide financial insight, review accounting and finance procedures and recommend changes, review accounting books as well as records and reports, developing new financial reporting methods or review current methods are just a few of the responsibilities to consider.

Once you have an idea of what this professional will do for your firm, you can begin to find a CFO that will be able to meet those needs.


The best CFOs are typically found through referrals from others within the same, or a similar industry, but it can be difficult to locate a CFO with the expertise you need who is also seeking a new position. With GoodAccountants.com employing over fifty, full-time professional business consultants who excel at locating those hard to find financial experts, this free service is one of the best ways to secure a CFO who can be trusted to help you and your firm reach its goals.

In person meetings and reference checks

Holding an in-depth meeting with each potential CFO candidate who help you narrow down your choices and compare expertise and qualifications. Asking plenty of questions to determine both a professional and personal fit is imperative.

Thoroughly checking references to find out about past performance and determine possible future performance is also a crucial step to find a CFO who will do the best job for you. Fortunately, GoodAccountants.com is able to take these consuming tasks out of your hands at no cost or obligation and find the most qualified financial expert to meet your needs.

The Best Way to Find a CFO Service

find a cfo service from goodaccountants.com that is right for you If you’re getting ready to find a CFO Service for your organization you probably realize that utilizing these services can be an important strategy for any successful business. Paying for the types of invaluable services they can as well a making sure that everything is handled correctly can save the organization money over the long term.

But how do you find a CFO Service that you can trust to handle such important and often delicate information? This is not a decision that should be rushed – here are the crucial steps that should be taken before hiring a CFO Service.

Ask for referrals

A referral from a trusted person within a similar organization can be one of the best ways to find a CFO Service that you can create a long term relationship with. The firm should be able to bring industry best practices into your business.

Meeting your specific needs

What are the critical roles that you would like played by a CFO Service? Do you need a service that can perform staff evaluations as well as training and mentoring? Some of the areas of expertise that should be required include:

  • Reviewing accounting and finance procedures
  • Reviewing accounting books and records as well as financial reports
  • Developing and installing accounting policies and procedures
  • Development financial reporting methods or reviewing those currently in place

Come up with a list of your organization’s specific needs before seeking out the right CFO Service for the business.

How to narrow the options

Once you have determined your needs and have a list of potential candidates, you’ll need to narrow your choices by scheduling in-depth meetings to compare qualifications and services offered. One of the most important questions to ask is what makes their service better than the rest? What can they do for you that others cannot? Of course, you’ll also want to find out the fees that will be charged and how those fees will be calculated.

After these meetings you will probably have thinned your list down quite a bit and will need to perform thorough reference checks of those who remain to find out how they’ve performed in the past for both current and former clients.

While all of this may sound overwhelming, the good news is that GoodAccountants.com is often the ideal solution to find a CFO Service that is the most qualified to meet your needs at no cost or obligation – taking this time consuming task out of your hands and into ours.

How Can CFO Services Help Your Bottom Line?

Would your company benefit from having a chief financial officer (CFO)? Of course it would. A CFO oversees all of your business’s financial and accounting needs. CFO services include keeping your books up to date and providing financial reports. A CFO also offers strategies and advice for your company based on years of financial experience. Paying for this knowledgeable expert doesn’t have to break the bank, however.

Benefits Of A CFO

In addition to overseeing your daily financial operations, a CFO provides your business with many other benefits. They can offer your business new financial strategies that can maximize profit and help your company grow. A CFO can also provide your company with a financial contingency plan should the market go soft for any reason. They have insight into many financial trends, so they can advise you on opportunities to take advantage of as well as others to avoid. If your margins are not in line, they can analyze your business operations and devise a plan to solve the problem. A CFO can also help you to set up some longtime business goals or help you stay on track for ones you’ve already chosen.

What About Part-Time Help

With the help of part time CFO services, you can have all of the benefits without the hefty salary of a full time position. A part time CFO can work a couple of hours every other day or just a few hours a month at crucial times to help the financial ends of your business run smoothly. You may find that as they set goals and utilize strategies for your company’s success, you are better able to take care of or delegate your financial duties. On the contrary, as your business expands, or if you find the services of the CFO are invaluable, you may consider hiring full time.

A part time CFO also offers ease with hiring in and out. For example, if you need help with a financial project, and your other employees have too much to do or too little experience to adequately complete the job, you can hire in a part time CFO to get the project started. When the project is ready to be turned over to your regular employees, you can end the CFOs role.

Any business will run better with the knowledge and expertise of a chief financial officer heading up your financial operations. You can have the comfort and security of knowing that the financial aspects of your business are running smoothly, freeing you up to take care of other important aspects of running your business. CFO services can make your business more efficient and profitable as well. Consult an online accountant registry, such as Goodaccountants.com for more information on hiring a full time, interim, or part time chief financial officer for your business today.


How CFO Services Can Benefit Your Business

CFO services are much needed for any businessWhile the services of a full-time CFO might not fit into the budget of many small businesses at $200,000 a year or more plus benefits, paying a CFO for services as you need them may not only be a lot more affordable, it can be crucial to the long term success of a company.

CFO Services can help a business with Payables, Receivables, Inventory and Cash, making sure it’s done correctly, and accurately project revenue and expenses, map out a financial plan for the future of the business, understand financial reports and properly channel resources.

How do you know if your business can use a CFO?


CFO Services can be one of the most important strategies of any business, and relieve one of the biggest burdens from the company and everyone associated with it. Most companies can use these services at some point during their growth, and it is typically before they are able to add a full time CFO to their staff.

A few of the indicators include:

  • Inventory problems
  • Stressed or weakened relationships with bankers or vendors
  • The acquisition of another business
  • Questions about the integrity of employees
  • Cash flow

If you think your company is too small to use CFO Services, think again. Corporations of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest can benefit from these services. The difference is that smaller companies don’t often need a full time CFO, but one that can work on an as needed basis.

Wide variety of benefits


CFO Services can provide a wide variety of benefits with just a few including:

  • Helping to develop and execute a financial strategy including new or existing plans.
  • Implementing business plans that will help you to set up or meet long term goals.
  • Creating a contingency plan to make sure the business can safely get through customer demand crises or soft markets before it occurs.
  • Providing insight that may help your business achieve greater heights of success.
  • Share their knowledge of proven strategies based on past experience with other companies.

These services can be used as little as a few days a month to a few days a week or even more, assuring that your business runs smoothly with the valuable input of a CFO professional. It can serve to take much of the financial worries away, allowing the business owner to concentrate on the important task of growing the business and watching it succeed.


Hiring CFO Services for Small Businesses

Just about every type of business can benefit from tcfo serviceshe expertise a chief financial officer has to offer.  These professionals are highly skilled in the financial world and can provide a number of CFO services to keep your business’s books and financial records up to date and accurate.   They can also provide a great deal of advice to help plan for the future, to help with tax services, and keep your business running efficiently.

Unfortunately, many small businesses cannot afford to hire an internal CFO as the salary is far too high for businesses of this size to spend yearly.  This does not mean that you have to entirely give up on being able to make use of these skilled professionals.  You can outsource this position and take advantage of part time CFO services.  This makes it easy for all businesses to have access to the skills of a financial expert, with the convenience of paying as the services are needed.

A chief financial officer will work with your financial staff and supervise them to make sure all of your internal accounting operations are working as well as they should be and that all issues are in compliance.  These professionals will be a major factor in the direction and planning of your business and will help a great deal with efficiency.

Some of the most common CFO services include the following:

Developing and executing existing and new financial strategies;

Creating contingency plans to assist with complications and issues with customers and markets before they become a problem;

Completing an analysis to detect issues that may need to be repaired in order to get margins back in alignment;

Creating business plans to help establish or meet short and long term goals, as well as establishing forecasts to assist with the business plans;

Providing ideas to challenge the way your business currently operates in effort to promote growth;

Providing in depth knowledge that will cause the business operators to ask certain questions in order to implement proven growth strategies.

CFO services used on a part time basis will give you all of the above mentioned benefits on an as needed basis, as you see fit.  Whether you decide to make use of these professionals for months, weeks, or even hours, you will find they help to increase profitability, and will keep your business operating smoothly.  You will notice a great improvement in your financial operations, yet you will be paying a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CFO for your business.