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Tax Preparation: How to Get Ready for Tax Filing

Every year several businesses are caught off guard by the pending tax season. It often feels like the last season has just ended, when the next one begins. As a direct result, a lot of businesses either spend several weeks

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Accounting Audit: Bad for Your Business?

Accounting Audit: Bad for Your Business? Aside from the word bankruptcy, there is probably not another word more feared by businesses than audit.  However, an accounting audit is not necessarily a bad thing for your business.  In fact, in some

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How to Get the Best Accountant that New York Has to Offer?

How do you find the best accountant in New York?  The first step is to evaluate what you will be using the accountant for. What attributes of your business makes it unique? Is it a seasonal business? Is it international?

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Best Accountants Vs. Cheap Accountants

When you’re looking for a business or personal accountant, you’re usually concerned about two very important factors- cost and quality.  Accountants can be expensive so for some it’s difficult finding one that you can afford.  But remember that the best

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