A Look at the 2 Accountants Who Knew the Oscar Results in Advance

brian cullinan and rick rosas - accountants who knew the oscars resultsDid you know that 2 accountants were the people responsible to determine the winners of the Oscars? Many people are surprised to hear that an accountant would be involved, and it actually takes two to make sure the results are calculated accurately. These two people, Brian Cullinan and Rick Rosas, had a very unique job, and they were the only two people who knew the results in advance.

Why Accountants Help Determine the Winners

There is a specific reason why accountants have the perfect skill set to determine the winners of the Academy Awards: because it is a process of tallying and counting votes in order to determine the winner. The CPAs were chosen to complete one task, which was to count each of the votes as it comes in. This process can continue for months, and the final tallying takes about a week.

One of the critical aspects of this job is to make sure that the information is kept confidential, because the results can’t be leaked before the Oscars are held live. Even though the information is highly sought after, the CPAs are hired to keep their mouths shut. They did a great job to hold the winning information in silence before the awards show.

How to Keep the Oscars Results a Secret

There is a specific system that the accountants follow to make sure the results aren’t leaked early. The process starts with the two accountants, plus an additional six other people. The ballots are split in a way so that each individual is counting a section of the categories, but they aren’t counting a whole category. The subtotals are then provided to the accountants Cullinan and Rosas, who figure out the totals. Everything is done by hand, and the results are counted multiple times to ensure accuracy.

Once the totals are calculated, the two CPAs put the winner into a sealed envelope, and the losing cards are destroyed. There are actually two sets of winning cards that are assembled for the show. Each card is handed to the presenter as they go on stage to make the announcement.

Technology is Changing the Game for Small Business Accountants

small business accountantsNew legislation in New Zealand is poised to make life easier on small business accountants and small business owners alike. The relationship between those two groups has always been a difficult one, with business owners struggling to see the value in retaining accountants to handle tasks that they may be able to do on their own. However, historically strict reporting requirements by the government has dictated that accountants ‘jump through the hoops’ to comply with the law even when it is not helping the business and is leading to countless hours of duplicated work.

Among other things, what this new finance law promises to do is set aside various ‘carve-outs’ for entities such as small businesses, small charities, and other organizations. This means that the old one-size-fits-all approach to financial reporting compliance will go out the door. Large corporations have very little in common with small businesses – but until now they have had the same requirements to comply with reporting law. Small business accountants are certainly grateful for this change, as it has the potential to greatly streamline what they can provide to small businesses when technology is leveraged.

Using so-called ‘cloud’ computing services, small business owners and small business accountants can now be on the same page at the same time, even if they are not physically in the same location. What this means is accountants will have the ability to view live data and offer more consulting and analytical services to business owners, rather than just spending their time preparing forms to submit to the government. When an accountant can take on a more advisory role, the value of their time and service is much easier for a small business owner to understand and appreciate. This could mean more employment opportunities within small businesses on a more regular basis.

Talented small business accountants all across the country can be located quickly and easily using GoodAccountants.com. Having a long-term working relationship with an accountant is one of the best intangible assets a business can have, especially in this technological age where so much more information can be shared with the push of a button. Find your own ideal accountant today and see what opportunities open up for your business.

Professional Corporate CPA Services

Good AccountantsCorporate Accounting or Corporate CPA services is an advanced position within businesses or corporations that provides numerous financial functions that are well beyond the capabilities of the general office worker.

Many small businesses use programs such as Quick Books to track their financial accounts. This is great for the tracking and bookkeeping services for small businesses, but as your business grows and flourishes it becomes more difficult to use these types of programs to track all of your financial progress.

A professional Corporate CPA can provide these services for you and manage a team of accountants that can handle all of your bookkeeping needs such as outflow from bills and payroll to the revenue that enters the business.

Good Accountants specializes in locating professional Corporate CPA’s to assist small and large business owners with the day to day operations of financial accounting. Many of these services can even be outsourced through GoodAccountants.com at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal accountant or bookkeeper.

What Exactly Does a Corporate CPA Do

A Corporate CPA is responsible for the day to day reconciliation of your company’s books or ledger, performing an analysis on that information and then reporting, usually daily, to the CFO, VP or President of that business. This is an important process in ensuring that a business has the income needed to maintain day to day operations.

In many cases, especially for a business that does not retain the services of a CFO, a corporate accountant will build budget forecasts, job costing, budget research as well as manage all of the company’s other financial assets.

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Find an Accountant at GoodAccountants.com


Good Accountants GoodAccontants.com helps individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. to find an accountant that meets their professional standards and specific requirements. We are the premier financial directory that connects professional financial services with those who need them.

We never charge you to use our location services and we never provide matches that obligate you to use our recommendations. By using our directory you are able to save time and money searching for a permanent solution to your financial management needs.

How Does It Work

Good Accountants has a very simple form that takes just a few seconds to fill out, once you have done this we can begin the process of locating the professional financial management services that will fit your requirements.

More than 10 million businesses have successfully used our directory in their search for bookkeeping and other accounting services. Whatever your needs are, we are the number one directory when you are trying to find an accountant for your business or individual needs.

How Long Does It Take

Depending upon your specific requirements, Good Accountants is usually able to find an accountant that fits your criteria quickly. The time frame varies dramatically depending upon the skill sets that you require. More sophisticated queries, such as CFO’s, can take a few days to find the right match or availability.

What Services Does Good Accountants Provide

Good Accountants is a directory service, a sort of search engine for accountants, bookkeepers and other financial management professionals. We provide our customers with a detailed list of qualified candidates that fit the criteria provided to us and are in your immediate area.

Our database consists of individual accountants, bookkeepers, accounting and audit firms and is one of the most trusted sources for locating outsourced CFO’s and Corporate CPA’s. Our directory is nationwide and is the number one ranked site of it’s kind.

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Tax Accounting Company Services

Good Accountants

April 15th was the last day to file your personal and business taxes for the 2012 tax year. If you have fallen behind and need more time to prepare your forms or if your current accountant is not living up to the performance level that you expected, Good Accountants can assist you on locating a great tax accounting company.

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As a trusted financial management directory we have helped large businesses and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, McDonalds, Subway and even the NBA to locate professional tax preparers, auditing firms and CFO’s when they needed them.

We never charge our clients a fee for using our directory to locate tax professionals. There is never an obligation on your part to use the business professionals we refer; the choice is yours, Good Accountants simply puts you in contact with reputable and trustworthy CPA’s that are in your area.

What’s In It for Us

This is a common question; many of our clients believe there is a string attached when first connecting with our directory. This is not the case however. Good Accountants makes a profit from the professionals who list their businesses on our directory, potential clients are never charged a fee.

How Do You Find a Match

The process is not as hard as you may think. When trying to locate a tax accounting company we match their attributes to your needs. When you speak to one of our customer care representatives they will enter your needs into our database and perform a national search. We then supply you with the individual accountants and firms that meet the criteria you submitted.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to complete the process. We encourage you to fill out our online form or call our toll free number for immediate assistance.

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Why Accountants for Small Business are a Must at Tax Time and Beneficial Year Round

accountants for small business make tax season less stressfulSmall business owners throughout the nation often struggle to keep up with their daily responsibilities while playing the role of accountant at the same time, and at this time of year with tax deadlines looming, many are beginning to panic.

Hiring accountants for small business is an excellent option for handling the demanding task of preparing taxes can also be very beneficial year round with the cost often paying for itself.

Complicated regulations

With the ever-changing tax laws and regulations, many small business owners spend hours studying the tax code without coming close to a real understanding of what’s required. A mistake can cost thousands of dollars in addition to the often missed deductions, credits and incentives that can lower taxes as well.

Navigating the complicated tax code can be an overwhelming challenge even for the most savvy veteran business owners. Good accountants for small business will help you avoid underpaying, decrease the chances of audit and will always be on top of tax law changes, especially those that apply to you and your business.

Organization of records

There are many small business owners who tend to throw their receipts in a box or into a drawer and forget about them until tax time. They tend to have a big mess of records and quite a few don’t even use an accounting system.

Accountants for small business can not only help to get those financial records in order they can recommend accounting software and help put a system into a place, ensuring records are updated so that there are no surprises come tax time.

Preparation and filing of taxes

Hiring an accountant will allow you to receive priceless long-term strategic advice to help you manage your small business finances as well as budgeting and forecasting. Of course, at tax time, having an accountant on hand will minimize headaches, decrease stress and allow the business owner to use their time wisely – often saving more money than the cost of the services.

By utilizing the services of GoodAccountants.com you can be matched with the most knowledgeable accountants in your industry; dedicated to helping the small business owner keep more of their hard earned money where it belongs.

Five Ways Accounting Firms Can Help Your Small Business

accounting firms such as goodaccountants.com can help your small business Many business owners start out handling every aspect of their company, including its finances. While it may be manageable at the start, accounting firms can provide services that will allow you to set your business up for a successful future. Here is a look at just five of the ways that using accounting firms can help you get your business off on the right foot.

Business setup

Just a few of the services provided can include financial advice for your corporate setup, with long and short term financial strategies. Most firms can help you to set up appropriate accounting software as well as the implementation and training.

An accountant can help a small business owner to determine the type of appropriate business structure and assist with setting up taxation, registration and filing corporate tax returns as well.

General bookkeeping services

If you don’t plan to have a full-charge bookkeeper on staff, handling the books is probably not something you want to spend your time doing when you should be out networking and growing your business. This is another service that can be provided including the management of payables and receivables, maintaining the business’ financial records and taking care of financial reports for banks and investors.


Payroll is a very time consuming task that can be handled by the use of accounting firms. They can take care of payroll management as well as payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting in addition to setting up a direct deposit system.

Tax planning

Business taxes are another complicated but necessary aspect of a business. An especially valuable service that can be provided is the help with standard tax reporting in addition to general planning advice that can help a business owner to maximize business tax deductions that will save you money over time – often much more than the expense of the service itself.


One of the keys to growing a successful business is by connecting with others throughout your local community. By employing the services of accounting firms such as the accountants and firms provided by GoodAccountants.com, you’ll find that you are set up with a highly qualified, experienced accountant who is a pillar of the local community. Professionals who’ve lived in an area for several years or more can often be an invaluable source of business and financing contacts as well as a wide variety of other local connections.

The Importance of Accounting Services for Your Business

accounting services can make or break your business.  Accounting services are a necessity for the survival of a business and can even save you a ton of money by increasing business efficiency and allowing you to make better financial decisions by providing valuable information such as the assessment of business solvency and productivity.

Accounting is truly the heart of the organization – if the company’s funds aren’t managed properly, it will eventually lead to the failure of the business. While many small business owners believe they can manage their company’s finances on their own, they often realize too late that there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle every aspect of accounting while trying to grow the business.

Your time

Never forget the old cliché, “time equals money,” as this especially true when it comes to running a successful business. If you aren’t spending the majority of your time managing the company’s finances, you’ll be able to spend it much more productively by networking and winning new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients, managing and motivating your employees and other tasks that are crucial to the growth of your business.

Hiring an accounting services firm will allow you to use your time wisely, saving money over the long run.

Taxes and government regulation

Handling taxes and trying to adhere to complex government regulations are a huge headache, even when you don’t have a business to run. By using accounting services, you’ll save money on taxes and avoid the stress that comes with it.

Whether you have a small or a large business, there are often complicated tax issues involved and trained accounting experts are required to keep up with the tax laws that are constantly changing. Can you imagine the time it would take to keep updated on all of this in addition to trying to figure out where to spend, where to cut back and everything else?

Paying your employees

Payroll is a very time consuming task, and if you’ve got employees to pay, this is another aspect of your business that accounting services can take care of. Handling payroll on site typically costs more than outsourcing – it’s also more secure when handled by an outside source with fewer in-house employees having access to this highly sensitive information.

Utilizing professional services

By utilizing the free services of GoodAccountants.com, you can be assured that qualified and experienced accounting experts will take care of every financial aspect of your company from payroll to taxes and more, leaving you with fewer worries and more time to concentrate on taking your business to the pinnacle of success.

Which Industries Employ the Most Accountants and Auditors – Infographic

Accountants and Auditors

Ever wonder which industry contains the most accountants? Accounting is a lucrative job, and large companies who hire accountants and auditors can avoid financial mistakes before they happen.

We’ve created an infographic that details the industries that employ the most accountants and auditors, and the results are very interesting! Check it out:

Which industries employ the most accountants and auditors- Infographic

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Internal Audits

find out about the benefits of hiring an accountant for your internal audit An accountant who handles internal audits for a company is able to review the firm’s financial management practices as well as check for fraud, waste and imperfect practices. They are able to examine internal financial documents and can serve to increase accuracy of financial data that will help the business avoid potential legal or financial issues.

An internal auditor can offer huge benefits to the company; often saving the company more money over time than it costs to employ their services. Just a few of the benefits of hiring an accountant for internal audits include the following.

The protection of company assets

Employee theft is extremely common and costs companies billions of dollars every year. Preventing this financial drain on your profits requires a strict system of internal controls, including hiring an experienced internal auditor. A skilled auditor can put this type of system into place and also monitor it to prevent theft by ensuring that there are no opportunities that might tempt an employee to steal from the company. The internal auditor will also perform random checks that assure that the controls put into place are effective.

Increase the value of the company by improving performance

Another benefit of internal audits is the critical analysis provided of company efficiency. This is another way that employing an accountant for this service can actually save your business money over time. The audit can determine whether or not your products and services are marketed at competitive rates and will also meet your short and long term financial goals in addition to ensuring that vendor contracts are providing the best value and services for the dollar?

Accurate financial statements

A CPA audited financial statement offers a big value by putting your investors at ease of the accuracy of information, giving them confidence that your books are accurate. Lenders will also view your company as more reputable, leading to lower interest rates when borrowing.

When a qualified accountant performs these audits, your financial statements, including various accounting documents such as accounts payable and expense reports, will be examined to be sure your business is following generally accepted accounting principles. The internal auditor will also provide a qualified opinion on these statements which will help you make informed decisions in relation to the finances of the business which can lead to greater success, and increased profits.

GoodAccountants.com is able to provide qualified and experienced accountants for internal audits for a wide variety of companies from non-profit organizations and multi-national corporations to colleges, universities, hospitals and more.