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A Look at the 2 Accountants Who Knew the Oscar Results in Advance

Did you know that 2 accountants were the people responsible to determine the winners of the Oscars? Many people are surprised to hear that an accountant would be involved, and it actually takes two to make sure the results are

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Technology is Changing the Game for Small Business Accountants

New legislation in New Zealand is poised to make life easier on small business accountants and small business owners alike. The relationship between those two groups has always been a difficult one, with business owners struggling to see the value

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Professional Corporate CPA Services

Corporate Accounting or Corporate CPA services is an advanced position within businesses or corporations that provides numerous financial functions that are well beyond the capabilities of the general office worker. Many small businesses use programs such as Quick Books to

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Find an Accountant at helps individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. to find an accountant that meets their professional standards and specific requirements. We are the premier financial directory that connects professional financial services with those who need them. We never charge

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Tax Accounting Company Services

April 15th was the last day to file your personal and business taxes for the 2012 tax year. If you have fallen behind and need more time to prepare your forms or if your current accountant is not living up

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Why Accountants for Small Business are a Must at Tax Time and Beneficial Year Round

Small business owners throughout the nation often struggle to keep up with their daily responsibilities while playing the role of accountant at the same time, and at this time of year with tax deadlines looming, many are beginning to panic.

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Five Ways Accounting Firms Can Help Your Small Business

 Many business owners start out handling every aspect of their company, including its finances. While it may be manageable at the start, accounting firms can provide services that will allow you to set your business up for a successful future.

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The Importance of Accounting Services for Your Business

 Accounting services are a necessity for the survival of a business and can even save you a ton of money by increasing business efficiency and allowing you to make better financial decisions by providing valuable information such as the assessment

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Which Industries Employ the Most Accountants and Auditors – Infographic

Accountants and Auditors Ever wonder which industry contains the most accountants? Accounting is a lucrative job, and large companies who hire accountants and auditors can avoid financial mistakes before they happen. We’ve created an infographic that details the industries that employ the

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Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Internal Audits

 An accountant who handles internal audits for a company is able to review the firm’s financial management practices as well as check for fraud, waste and imperfect practices. They are able to examine internal financial documents and can serve to

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