Business Owners Reveal Why They Go Online To Find Their Accountant

milk-cookies Tina Casaceli, proprietor of Milk and Cookies Bakery located in New York’s West Village, says finding a good accountant is not as easy as one might think. Dissatisfied with the lack of service she was experiencing with her old accountant, Casaceli took her search for a new accountant to the Internet which led her to, the nation’s fastest growing online accountancy referral service. According to Casaceli, she was immediately matched by GoodAccountants with a great accountant whom she now trusts with her life.

Business owners like everyone else in today’s digital milieu, are using the Internet for everything from placing help wanted ads, purchasing airline tickets to booking a hotel room. As technology increasingly dominates our lives, it also diminishes the level of human to human interaction we experience each day. No one asks for directions anymore, instead they rely on their vehicle’s navigational system when traveling to an unfamiliar destination. Similarly, business owners are no longer relying on existing relationships to identify their B2B partners but instead are using online search and social media to make these choices, which includes the selection of their accountant.

“The idea that word of mouth is still a viable way to build an accounting practice is as unrealistic a proposition as expecting a sixteen year old to use a telephone book,” says Johanna Laurent, President of “Today, the Internet dominates every aspect of the way we run our business and there’s just no getting around it,” she adds. “Business owners are comfortable using it to find whatever it is they’re looking for just like the rest of us,” explains Laurent.

Monique Tatum, the owner of a New York City based public relations firm says she experienced so much difficulty finding an accountant on her own she decided to go online to search for one. She successfully retained the services of Better Accounting Services for $25,000 a year, after a Google search led her to, where she was matched with the Brooklyn, New York based accountants.

Sohin Shah, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of IFunding, a web based, real estate, cloud funding platform, recently retained his bookkeeper from for an annual fee of $24,900.

The fact is, business owners are no longer relying on ‘word-of-mouth’ to find their most trusted advisers but instead are relying on Internet search and social media to make these choices. “If you’re growing an accounting practice today or any other professional services business you have to be connected to the Internet in a very big way in order to benefit from the technology that is now all around us,” says Laurent. “We are the industry leader providing the best possible platform for accountants who are looking to grow in today’s digital world,” she adds.

Michael S. Fedele: Featured Accountant in Homewood, Illinois

You’re in luck if you need to find an accountant in Homewood, Illinois. Our next featured accountant, Michael S. Fedele, may be just the professional you need, offering a wide variety of accounting services that can help you and your business achieve success.

Fedele founded his organization, Fedele and Associates in 1996. It’s since become a leader among small accounting firms throughout the Chicagoland area, combining quality with affordability. He serves publicly and privately owned clients in many different industries from construction and real estate to medical, educational institutions, manufacturing companies and more.

Financial auditing

If you’re in need of financial audits, Fedele is one of the best you can turn to, specializing in this service by performing the highest quality financial audits as well as outstanding reports with full disclosures in the notes so that you can present your company to creditors and third parties in a professional and impressive fashion.

In connection with financial auditing, his firm has extensive experience with some of the most difficult accounting and reporting problems for big and small companies throughout many industries. Fedele and Associates can help you reorganize your business, increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline your operations to help it become more profitable.

Tax services

Fedele also provides a wide range of tax services that goes far beyond simple tax preparation. He can help with everything from money and tax saving strategies to estate tax preparation, consultation and wealth maximization. Whether you have unfiled tax returns, are facing an audit, tax liens or other issues, Fedele can help resolve your problems and get you back on track.

Full scope business strategies

Whether you’re just starting your business or are at any other point in its lifecycle, Fedele can provide services that will help you achieve success, including everything from new business set up and development to business strategy consulting and solutions, full service payroll, operation streamlining strategies, fraud investigation and research, and much more.

If you’d like to find out more about Michael S. Fedele and how he can help you, the easiest way to do that is through his Good Accountants featured profile. Get in touch with this outstanding accountant in Homewood, Illinois today, and you’ll likely wish you hadn’t waited so long

Small Business Accountants: Tips for Becoming an Even Better Accountant

become a better small business accountant with these tips from Good AccountantsSmall business accountants can be a key factor in the success of an organization. They play an important role in ensuring that a business is operating in accordance with local, state and federal regulations as well as developing budgets, taking care of tax issues and even providing business consulting in addition to the basics like payroll and bookkeeping.

With such a wide range of important responsibilities, small business accountants should understand the importance of staying on top of their game and keeping up with an ever-changing industry in order to ensure the success of their clients.

These tips can help all types of accountants learn to become more efficient by streamlining processes, save time, decrease the stress involved, and ultimately, help you to become the best accountant you can be.

Establish a routine and prioritize tasks

It’s important to establish a consistent routine that flows well, allowing you to focus on each task at hand. A constantly changing routine can cause you to overthink, making it difficult to concentrate and avoid becoming distracted. Get into the good habit of prioritizing tasks by taking on the most difficult first. Although it takes discipline at first, it will help you to feel more accomplished, making the rest seem easier.

Automate as much as possible

Take advantage of modern technology as much as you can by using online bill pay, signing up for paperless billing and having bills paid automatically. It not only helps to save your client money on stamps, but it will save you a ton of time by not having to deal with a mound of paperwork.

Get and stay organized

Getting and staying organized is key to saving time and handling everything efficiently. Use one location for all bills and receipts, such as a file or bin. You don’t want to let things to pile up, but it’s usually not efficient to take care of them individually. Clearly mark incoming and outgoing mail, bills that need to be paid and paperwork to be piled. Then, for example, you may want to post all the receipts and bills into accounts payable at the end of the day.

Write it down

When a task needs to be done but you can’t do it at that moment, or if you have an idea, keep a note pad and write it down immediately so that you won’t forget about it later. This also allows you to focus on the task at hand rather than drifting to the “next thing.”

To Find A CFO Pay Attention to Company Moves

Finding a CFO

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In the ever-changing business world, every year brings in new ideas, new projects as well as new people that make up a company’s organizational structure. For any business owner, it’s important to stay informed as to current events as well as future moves of companies within your industry, should the need to find a CFO arise.

Restructuring the management of a business can happen quickly, and it occurs more often than we think. Three examples of this type of change involve companies Baxter International, Hill-Rom, and AngloGold Ashanti, and these have either just taken place or will in the very near                                               future.

There are going to be several new things happening in Deerfield, Illinois where Baxter International is based. The company will be welcoming back James Saccaro next month as CFO of the company after his departure last December, and sometime next year Robert Hombach will be the CFO of Baxter International’s bio-pharmaceutical business. Last year James Saccaro left to work for Hill-Rom when he decided to set out to find a CFO position, however, he will return to the company as a CFO instead of his original position as treasurer.

Batesville, Indiana is where the medical device maker organization Hill-Rom is located. Since James Saccaro’s departure from the company, Hill-Rom has placed Michael Macek as the interim Chief Financial Officer until a permanent replacement is found. Macek also reportedly served as the business’s interim CFO last year, prior to the hire of James Saccaro which means he has some knowledge of the position. When he is not acting as temporary CFO, he is said to be the company’s treasurer with an annual salary of over $240,000. This would not include the incentive participation program that he was eligible to participate in either.

Gold mining business AngloGold Ashanti recently named Christine Ramon as its new CFO and executive director effective this October. It’s been reported that she will inherit Richard Duffy’s role, who will be stepping down from his job at some point in the near future. Her compensation and total package have not been revealed at this point.

It’s easy to see how shuffling the around of CFOs can provide the opportunity for an organization to fill its own needs, but one of the quickest and easiest ways to find a CFO is to go directly to, with access to thousands of the most qualified candidates around.



Paul Kenote: Featured Accountant in Portland, Oregon

paul kenote accountant in portland oregonWhen you are looking to find an accountant in Portland, OR, you will come across small accounting firms as well as larger firms. There are advantages to working with both types of firms, and Paul Kenote, CPA can offer the best of both worlds. His accounting firm, JPK accounting, provides you with the personalized attention like the small firm, with the expertise that is comparable with the larger firms in the area. Some of the areas of expertise include:

Family Tax and Services

Managing the finances of a family is like managing the finances for a small business, and Paul Kenote understands what it takes to put together a quality financial plan so that your family can be prepared for the future. Using specific strategies, it is possible to reduce tax burden and help you to gain long-term financial independence. Jay will help you to formulate a plan that is right for your family.

Business Accounting Services

If you are running a small business, then you don’t have time to worry about tax preparation and the financial management of your company. Hiring an accountant makes it possible for you to focus on the other elements of running your company, and is comparable to having a part-time CFO available to help at a moment’s notice. Paul Kenote is available to assist with your business finances, and he is experienced in audits and tax preparation. Additional business services include: trend and ratio analysis, mergers and acquisitions, cash management accounts, cost accounting and break even analysis, business entity selection, strategic business planning, and more.

Auditing Services

Internal auditing is a great way to verify and increase the value of your company, and it provides you with the peace of mind that your finances are being managed in the right way. You can provide your shareholders the reassurance that the company is profitable and successful through auditing reports.

Paul Kenote and JPK accounting offer high quality services if you are looking for an accountant in Portland, Oregon. For more information, view his profile page to learn about the services that are available.

Robert D. Wilkes: Featured Accountant in Indianapolis, Indiana

accountant in Indianapolis, Indiana

Robert Wilkes

Great news for residents in Central Indiana as Good Accountants is proud to introduce our next featured accountant who offers his services throughout the region. Robert D. Wilkes is an accountant in Indianapolis, Indiana who is not only a certified public accountant who holds a B.S. in Accounting and a Master’s in Public Administration, but he’s also a minister with a Master’s Degree in Divinity.

Robert is part of a husband and wife team jointly running Wilkes Accounting & Tax with his spouse Sue who holds degrees in education and accounting. Their combined educational backgrounds in addition to over twenty years of accounting experience make them uniquely qualified to help small business owners and individuals in a myriad of ways.

Just some of the services Robert and Sue can provide include small business accounting. As the owner of a small business, your time can be spent far more wisely than on keeping your own books. Wilkes Accounting & Tax can take care of your books so that you can concentrate on running your business and generating profits. They can reconcile your bank account to make sure that all of your records are in order so that you’ll know exactly how your business is doing. Unlimited consultations are available to ensure that you understand how to interpret and utilize all financial information that is provided.

Tax preparation, tax planning and solving tax problems are just a few of the other invaluable services provided. Robert D. Wilkes can also help preserve personal wealth through specialized financial planning that includes one-on-one guidance as well as a comprehensive plan to help manage risk, improve performance and ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

Some of the other beneficial services offered by Robert D. Wilkes include:

  • Accounting Advisory Services
  • CFO Services
  • Business Consulting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Controller Functions

To find out more about Robert D. Wilkes and the extensive services he is able to provide, visit our Good Accountants featured profile. You can even listen to him speak about himself and what he can do for you. If you’re seeking a great accountant in Indianapolis, Indiana you can also get in touch with him directly here.

Anthony Candela: Featured Accountant in New York, New York

accountant in New York, New

Anthony Candela

If you’re looking for an outstanding accountant in Manhattan, look no further than Anthony Candela. He is one of the top accountants in New York, New York and able to provide a wide range of accounting services throughout the area. Anthony Candela serves the Greater New York City area as a part of Candela & Associates, LLC, with a mission to provide bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and financial advisory services to small businesses as well as individuals. He serves as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of his clients’ growth and development.

Anthony Candela believes in an approach that involves becoming thoroughly familiar with each client’s situation in order to provide personalized, detailed attention that is necessary for success. He works with clients not only as an accountant, but as a strategic partner, providing above-and-beyond service to all clients due to his dedication to professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York in 2002, Anthony Candela sat for and passed the Uniform CPA Examination in just one sitting, which is considered an especially rare feat. He earned his Master’s Degree in Taxation from Baruch College and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Some of the services Anthony Candela in New York, New York can provide include:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Family Office Services
  • Financial Advisory
  • Part-Time CFO Services
  • Payroll
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation

Having been a managing member of Candela & Associates, LLC for the past eight years, Anthony Candela has a variety of experiences and a wide range of skills to help your business become more efficient and profitable as well as to help reduce tax implications by taking advantage of lesser known deductions and credits. He can help discover the perfect solution to resolve tax problems and all types of accounting issues through high quality, comprehensive services to business owners and individuals.

His quality services and high standard of professionalism has earned Anthony Candela an excellent reputation, which is why Good Accountants is proud to make him our latest featured account.

To find out more about Anthony Candela and all of the services he is able to offer, visit his Good Accountants featured profile. If you’re seeking a trustworthy accountant in New York, New York you can get in touch with him directly here as well.

How to Find Business Accountants Near You

business accountants near you rom GoodAccountants.comIf you are a business owner, then one of the most important aspect of managing your company is to find a good business accountant in your local area. Many business owners make the mistake of trying to handle too much on their own, and the results can be disastrous when it comes to the management of finances. On the other hand, business accountants can offset some of your workload by taking care of the financial management details, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Why Business Accountants are Critical to Your Success

Cash flow is one of the hardest things to manage in a business, and a good business accountant can help you to have a clear picture about the money coming in and the money going out. When you can quickly get perspective on your accounts payable and accounts receivable, then you will be able to make your business decisions accordingly.

Additionally, business accountants can help you with other financial aspects as well. Most business owners don’t like handling things such as payroll, invoicing, or month-end reconciliation. You accountant can take care of all of these tasks for you. Other services might include things like tax paperwork, bill payments, or anything else that you might need. The great aspect to hiring an accountant is the fact that they can cater their services to your needs, so you won’t be paying for things that are not necessary for your business.

How to Find a Good Business Accountant

When looking for an accountant, you should search for someone who is located in your local area. It can be tough to find a good qualified accountant though, so you might consider using a tool such as This handy tool makes it easy to find local business accountants, because you are able to search by city and state, and the results will immediately pull up accountants who are in your area.

Make sure that you are searching for accountants who specifically have experience with business accounting, because they be more qualified to help with the things that you need.

How a Good Tax CPA Can Reduce Your Stress During Tax Season

It’s that time of year again: tax season! Many people dread the paperwork and stress that is associated with doing the taxes, but the truth is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. Hiring a good tax CPA might be one of the best decisions that you can make, because the CPA can handle all of the paperwork for you. One of the biggest advantages to working with an accountant is the fact that they understand the new tax laws and the changes in the old laws, so they can help you to be sure that you are handling the details accordingly.

How to Prepare for Tax Season

Even though your tax CPA will do most of the heavy lifting, there are still a few things that you need to do in order to make sure that you are providing all of the required information. Your CPA will request specific tax forms such as your W2s or any 1099s that you received. If you are a business owner, then there will be additional tax forms that you will need to provide. All of these forms should be mailed to you by January 31st.

Once you have gathered the information, you simply need to provide that information to your tax CPA and they will hand the rest. Your accountant will help you to be sure that the correct tax paperwork is filed, and they will also make sure that you are meeting the April 15th deadline. If you miss the deadline for some reason, the accountant can help you to file an extension.

Finding a Good Tax CPA

It is important that you find a qualified CPA to work with, and you should consider looking for someone in your local area. The advantages of a local accountant is that you can meet with them in person, which often makes the process easier for you.

If you are looking for a new CPA to work with, consider looking on where you can do a search for accounting professionals in your local area. You will be glad that you hired an accountant to help with your taxes.

Gina Manente: Featured Accountant in New York, New York

gina manente accountant in New York, New YorkBusinesses and individuals looking for an accountant in the greater New York City area will be happy to meet our next featured accountant, Gina Manente in New York, New York. She has more than two decades experience in accounting and is currently a partner at Rosenberg and Manente, LLC.  She is a member of the NYS Society of CPAs and works with each client individually to understand their business, including the needs and goals of a business owner.

Gina Manente is an accountant in New York who focuses on small and medium sized business, which enables her to give each client and their businesses the attention needed to meet and even exceed their goals. She is well-versed in not only all areas of accounting, taxation and finance, but maintains close relationships with each client, so she is able to meet individual needs as well. Her goal is to become familiar with each business in order to offer advice that helps it to run more efficiently, and as profitably as possible. Gina understands that each client is different, and a cookie-cutter approach often does not equal success.

Gina Manente works with business owners in a wide array of fields through the greater New York City area including construction, architecture and engineering, medical practices and investment firms, retail and restaurants, manufacturing, professional service firms and much more.  She is able to take the time to work with each business owner to help him or her achieve success through budgets and planning, audits, accounting advisory services, business consulting and a wide array of other services.

Her consistent professionalism and exceptional service is what has led Gina Manente to be the latest Good Accountants’ featured accountant.

Some of Gina Manente’s featured services include:

  • Small Business Accounting
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • New Company Set Up
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Estate Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Non-Profit and Business Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting and Planning

To find out more about Gina Manente and the extensive services she is able to provide, you can find her in our Good Accountants featured profile. If you’re seeking a trustworthy accountant in New York, New York you can get in touch with her directly here as well.