Make Your Business a Pillar in the Community, Not a Trend with Financial Guidance

If you want a new business to make it in today’s economy, it’s all about the numbers. It’s reported that 80 percent of new business owners will fail in the first 18 months after they open their doors, often because of poor money management by the business owner. Not just overspending, but not saving, investing and budgeting where it’s necessary all play a part in new business failure. With bookkeeping services for small businesses, this chaos can be avoided.

A professional bookkeeper or CPA will look at the costs you have to run your business, as well as your profits, to see where you need to save money and where you could potentially save money. The bookkeeper will budget all of your business accounts, like the checking account, payroll account and savings or investment accounts. If you have loans on any equipment or other items, they will also help manage the loans.

The idea when owning a small business is to minimize or eliminate debt. This allows you to be as profitable as possible and reduces your risk of bankruptcy. The bookkeeper can help you pay off the loans you have faster, so you can gain more equity in your assets and your business. They will also be a valuable source of information for tax related matters.

You want to find a CPA that does bookkeeping services for small businesses who is also a tax expert. Many CPA professionals are also tax accountants, and they can help you pay less to the government. They will let you know what purchases to make to write off expenses, how you can save on payroll tax, and what amount you should to donate to charity.

The accountant can come in and do a financial analysis of your business to see if you are missing money, losing money, and what is going wrong. They will reform your budget, create a new plan for you to follow, and help you start investing your money more wisely so you can put money back into your company and plan for the future. Find an accountant to get you on the right financial path at

Bruce Weinberg: Featured Accountant in Boca Raton, Florida

bruce weinberg accountant in boca raton florida - good accountants featured accountantGood news for South Florida residents as there is no need to worry about finding a great accountant! Bruce Weinberg is an accountant in Boca Raton, Florida, and has been a dedicated professional for years. Weinberg is a partner in charge of his firm in the Florida region. Whether you’re an individual or a business located in Boca Raton or throughout the area in cities like West Palm Beach, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, Bruce Weinberg can help.

Weinberg has devoted the majority of his professional career serving as a tax professional working with both individual business owners and middle market companies. He has extensive expertise in tax compliance and tax planning with a tax practice that includes domestic corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, individuals and trusts and estates. He also specializes in helping clients develop tax strategies in addition to being a trusted business advisor.

Weinberg’s own business has grown through referrals from long-term clients who regard him as a trusted advisor in providing the highest level of professional service, including personal responsiveness and a dedication to services that help your firm run a more efficient, profitable business. In addition to helping businesses achieve success, Bruce Weinberg offers understanding on one of the most complex and challenging areas for most accounting professionals, with the ability to successfully represent high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. He is able to stay on top of the latest regulatory changes as well as closely follow federal and state legislative agendas and tax agency rulings in order to effectively manage personal wealth, life savings, and family fortunes.

With a dedication to the highest standards of professionalism and excellent service, Good Accountants is proud to make Bruce Weinberg the latest featured accountant.

Some of Bruce Weinberg’s featured services include:

  • Business Accounting Services
  • Audit Services
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Services
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Bookkeeping

Find out more about Bruce Weinberg and the services he provides in his Good Accountants featured profile. If you’re seeking an outstanding accountant in Boca Raton, Florida, you can also reach him directly here.

What Is A Corporate CPA?

corporate cpa

corporate cpa

Many have heard the term CPA and know that it stands for certified public accountant.  A Corporate CPA is a certified public accountant which deals strictly with corporations and the business industry, as opposed to accountants for private individuals.  If you are considering corporate cpas for your business, it is important to know exactly what services this type of accountant provides and how you can find a Corporate CPA to help you out.

What Duties Does A Corporate CPA Fulfill?

A CPA is the general type of accountant which offers individuals help with tax preparation and other related financial matters.  A corporate CPA, on the other hand, is more specialized in their knowledge regarding industry standards.  Also, these types of CPAs focus their dealings on corporations as opposed to private individuals.

A Corporate CPA is a good professional to contact if you are setting up a new business.  This type of accountant will walk you through the financial aspects of your corporate setup and help you with regard to your expenditures and more.  If you are starting a new business, contacting a CPA who is well-versed in corporate dealings is a smart move to make.

CPAs who work in the corporate end of the financial industry can also help with managing your financial statements.  They will go over your finances with you and make sure that everything adds up as it should.

Should your company face an audit in the future, you should contact a corporate CPA to help you through the audit.  They will aid you in collecting the proper documentation and walk you through the process so that you will feel at ease and have the proper knowledge when it comes to the basis of the audit.

Finding a CPA For Your Business Needs

When the time comes to locate a CPA to handle your corporate needs, there are a few places where you can look.  Some of the more popular options include online searches, Yellow Pages and asking friends and family members for recommendations.  When reviewing the possible choices, think of what you are looking for in a business CPA and how much your budget will allow you to spend for such accounting services.  Meet with prospective corporate cpas to see if they will meet your accounting needs and then select the best one based on your initial meeting and the services which the CPA will offer to you.

The Benefits of Professional Tax Preparation

Tax preparation with is easy and can help you avoid an audit When it comes to many different jobs, you can usually save money by handling it yourself, but with taxes it’s often a different story. For both business owners and individuals, hiring a professional will often save you more money in taxes than the cost of the tax preparation services not to mention the cost of the time, and stress, involved in preparing your own.

Saving money

Using the services of a professional is one of your best bets for saving money when it comes to taxes. Tax rules are complicated and if aren’t in the business of preparing tax returns on a frequent basis it’s hard to be aware of all of the deductions or credits you might qualify for. Using the advice from professional tax preparation services will help you minimize your tax burden and pinpoint every possible deduction you’re eligible for.

Lower risk for error

Tax law has had major changes nearly every year for the past half century, with 3,500 tax law changes just since 2000. If you aren’t constantly keeping up to date with all of these regulations, it’s easy to make an error- and that can be costly.

If you make an error that results in a tax liability, the interest and fines will continue to accrue from the date that you’ve filed your taxes. While hiring a tax professional does not give you a 100 percent guarantee of perfection, the chances of simple mistakes are immensely reduced.

With complicated tax returns requiring numerous forms, the risk for error continues to increase with each. Hiring a professional for tax preparation will ease the stress and pressure that comes from attempting your own taxes.

Help with an audit and its potential consequences

If a professional prepares your taxes, your chances for audit will be reduced, and if for some reason you do find yourself face with an audit, the tax preparer will usually be able to help. Professional tax preparation definitely adds a safeguard to potential liability, although you will be ultimately responsible should there be any issues – therefore, the importance of hiring someone who can be trusted is imperative.

By using the free services of, you can be assured that you’ll be connected with the top tax professionals in your area who are the most competent at tax preparation, so that you’ll have more time to handle the most important responsibilities for your business, or your life.

Use a Tax Accounting Company to Take the Hassle Out of Form 941

a tax accounting company can help you fill out form 941If you own or operate a business that employs at least one employee on a regular basis, you will need to fill out and submit the Form 941 to the IRS on a quarterly basis. This form identifies the individuals that are on your payroll, the amount of withholding and other payroll taxes that you have kept from their paychecks, and is accompanied by the appropriate payment when it is sent to the government.

Are you tired of filling this form out by yourself each month, or are you concerned you don’t have the knowledge to do it correctly? While the Form 941 is not the most complex accounting task in the world, it can still be a headache for many business owners. With that said, retaining the services of a tax accounting company to shoulder the load and complete this form for you is a great choice. is a great place to find qualified accountants that you can be confident will complete your forms in an accurate and timely manner.

While all tax matters are taken very seriously by the government, employment taxes are watched especially closely. If a business withholds pay from employees for tax purposes and that money is not properly accounted for on Form 941, it will be viewed as a crime. You surely have no intent of stealing or cheating the system, but filling out these forms incorrectly could land you in a position you never expected to be in. A good tax accounting company will prevent this from being a possibility and you can spend your time on things you want to be doing – like successfully running the business.

If you don’t know who to contact for a reliable tax accounting company, start your search at and sort through a long list of capable businesses that can come to your aid. Spending the money it costs to retain the services of one of these companies will more than pay for itself in peace of mind and confidence that your Form 941 is being filed correctly every quarter.

Small Businesses in the US: Why They Matter More Than Ever – Infographic

Small Business Accountants Matter

What would our country be without small businesses? The team here at put together this infographic to show just how vital small businesses are to the American economy. provides bookkeeping and auditing services to help small businesses thrive in today’s market, by saving money and keeping finances in order.  Outsourcing bookkeeping and other financial services gives small businesses the leverage they need to stay afloat amongst large corporations.

Small Businesses in the US: Why They Matter More Than Ever – Infographic

Find An Accountant And Resolve Your Tax Woes

find an accountantThe federal government may under staff and overwork the IRS, but that does not mean the people who work for the agency have transformed into a group of Mother Teresas. As recent news stories indicate, the IRS is the same tough as nails tax collection organization that can turn your world upside down. Taxpayers who struggle with the IRS need to know how to find an accountant to straighten out the paperwork and present a winning case.

Most of the issues with the IRS concerns tax debt. A number of reasons can lead to unforeseen tax debt, such as failing to include all sources of income and incorrect mathematic computations. The increasing complexity of the US tax code also contributes to erroneous returns. Your best method for avoiding unforeseen tax debt is to hire an accountant before you file to make sure you have correctly established your tax liability. However, most people need IRS relief after the fact, which means they have to find an accountant, and fast.

You can let your fingers do the walking and take your chances or access the large accountant database at to find an accountant who has the qualifications to take on the IRS. Over 50,000 accounting firms list at The website allows you to find an accountant for free by inputting personal information and a little information about your situation. Go to the audit page to learn how you can get five competitive bids for your audit. You can find five qualified accountants on the website’s taxation page. Once you receive bids, you need to know how to hire the right accountant to resolve your tax woes.

Your tax professional should be a certified public accountant, which is one of the few professionals allowed to represent taxpayers in cases before the IRS. The accountant should be well versed in every aspect of income tax law. Make sure the accountant you choose has extensive experience dealing with issues that are part of your case. For example, hire an accountant who specializes in maximizing your deductions, if you need to shave a few more dollars from your income. Finally, after considering multiple factors, choose your accountant and start the resolution process as quickly as possible.

How The Best Accountants Control Soaring Interest Rates

the best accountants can help you finance your homeIf we learned one thing from the 2007-08 financial meltdown, it’s that the days of easy money have become footnotes in American history textbooks. The Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, and scores of banks gushed money from their vaults as a geyser gushes oil after it strikes pay dirt. The result was the introduction of restrictive mortgage rates that choke the life out of the housing market. Just when it appeared mortgage rates were set to fall, albeit slowly, recent news buttresses the argument that mortgage rates may have not reached the ceiling.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported on July 3 that rates on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage reached 4.58 percent, which is the highest 30-year rate in nearly two years. Because of the high rate, mortgage applications fell by over 12 percent in just one week. The number of mortgages that homeowners have refinanced has declined all over the United States. With Ben Bernanke issuing his recent Darth Vader like proclamation that the days of quantitative easing are over, do not expect the housing market to return to the free money days any time soon.

Mortgage brokers have traditionally played the role of intermediaries between banks and individuals who seek mortgage loans. The steady climb of mortgage rates has rendered mortgage brokers mostly ineffective, as the sources they have sought financing from in the past have dried up as a waterhole dries up in the desert. Because of the mortgage rate squeeze, you may decide to opt out of the housing market. However, by combining the best accountants with your mortgage broker, you may be able to find the home of your dreams. brings together the cream of the best accountants. Your goal in hiring an accountant from the list of qualified professionals who list on is to get your personal financial statements in order. The free service is akin to dating sites that match people of similar interests. In this case, the matchmaker connects accountants with people who need their specialized services. You may need help with simple bookeeping entries to improve your earning power. The more money that you demonstrate you earn, the more likely a mortgage broker can swing a deal with a bank for a home loan. Consult with one of the best accountants on taxation issues to enhance your liquidity. provides you with an easy to access database of over 50,000 accounting firms. Many of the firms employ specialists who work exclusively with potential homeowners to improve equity and lower liabilities. Rising interest rates may put a damper on The American Dream, but you can block the rain from falling on your new home when you combine the expertise of your mortgage broker and one of the accounting professionals listed on

Small Business Accountants Help Organizations Achieve Success: How they can help yours too

small business accountantsDid you know that most small businesses utilize outside accounting services for their companies? A recent survey found that 71 percent of small businesses are currently using the services of an outside accountant and 66 percent began using them during the start-up phase or within six months of establishing the organization.

Larger companies often have a staff of in-house accountants; however, this is an expense that most small businesses cannot afford. Of course the owner of the business can’t afford to spend all of his or her time on accounting either. In order to achieve success, someone has got to manage the books in addition to handling taxes and ensuring the financial records are well kept.

This is the reason so many small businesses call upon the services of an outside accountant. How can small business accountants help you?

  • Bookkeeping basics. Accurate financial records are a must. Every financial event related to your business should be tracked. Without that, it’s almost impossible to make sound budget or growth strategy decisions. Improper bookkeeping can also cause a major financial crisis and even bankruptcy.
  • Taxes. Being aware of the ever-changing tax laws is almost a full time job, but small business accountants keep up to date with all of the rules and regulations and have the appropriate tax knowledge that can save you thousands of dollars over time. They can also save you plenty of stress and headaches by warding off tax troubles. You won’t have to worry about making errors on your tax forms or missing out on important deductions when filing taxes either.
  • Valuable advice on long term business strategies. Small business accountants can act as an advisor and assist in appraising viability of future projects as well as financial forecasts. This expertise can be instrumental in the growth of your company.
  • Saving time. It may be a cliché, but it’s true. In business, time is money. By utilizing outside accountants, you can breathe easy knowing that an expert is managing the finances, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Fortunately, has the perfect solution with expert business consultants that have the ability to find the ideal small business accountants for your organization at no cost to you.

Where is my Refund? Find an Accountant Now to Save Stress and Money Next Year

find an accountantIf you’re still waiting for your tax refund, you can check the status here: Where is my refund? When it does arrive, consider putting a little of that money away so that you can find an accountant to save stress and potentially quite a bit of cash in the long run.

Did you know that by spending just a little by utilizing the services of a professional can help you save a lot? Find an accountant and you can ensure your money is in order and take one more worry off of your list. By doing this now, you can increase the size of next year’s refund, or even better, save all of that extra cash you’ve been dolling out to Uncle Sam as an interest-free loan.

Keeping up with tax laws

A certified tax expert like those you’ll find at, has the most up to date knowledge of all of the ever changing federal tax laws as well as specific tax state laws. While many individuals are aware of the basics, in order to keep up with all of the rules and regulations, it’s a full time job.  It is the job of a professional accountant to know the ins and outs of tax laws, and they frequently attend continuing education courses and conferences to make sure they are aware of changes to tax policy that may affect their clients. This helps the client to avoid penalties and fines and maximize refunds.

Financial advice all year long

Find an accountant now to receive valuable advice that can help all year long, including implementing a tax planning strategy that will allow you to keep more of your hard earned money. If you have a professional tax expert on your side, you’ll also have a knowledgeable person to turn to who is familiar with you situation should you run into any tax issues or help dealing with the IRS.

While many people believe they can handle their own taxes through do-it-yourself tax programs, the reality is, that software is not foolproof and it may not find every deduction that you may be eligible for. A professional will ask you all of the important questions to determine deductions you may have missed, and provide advice that will help you make better financial decisions all year long.