The CFO Shake-Ups Keep Coming: The Latest Change of Hands

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As the business world turns, more companies are changing and searching to find a CFO to help with their business success. One of the biggest shakeups this week was the resignation of Mead Johnson Nutrition Company’s CFO Peter Leemputte. As long as Leemputte doesn’t work for another company before March 13, 2015, he will receive his generous separation benefits package. His replacement, Charles Urbain, was the senior vice president for the company. Urbain managed both human resources and stakeholder relations, and will slowly be adjusting into the new position throughout the next few months. In other related news, Susan Riley was hired by Vestis Retail Group, LLC. Previously, she was working for the company as the interim CFO, and before that she was an independent consultant with the company. The company owns a variety of stores that sell clothing and sporting goods. Details on the compensation packet she received were not disclosed to the media at this time.

A good CFO can dramatically change the success of a company, and you can be set up with highly qualified applicants at You can find a CFO replacement that is going to please shareholders, entice stock buyers, and help improve your company.

Make Your Business a Pillar in the Community, Not a Trend with Financial Guidance

If you want a new business to make it in today’s economy, it’s all about the numbers. It’s reported that 80 percent of new business owners will fail in the first 18 months after they open their doors, often because of poor money management by the business owner. Not just overspending, but not saving, investing and budgeting where it’s necessary all play a part in new business failure. With bookkeeping services for small businesses, this chaos can be avoided.

A professional bookkeeper or CPA will look at the costs you have to run your business, as well as your profits, to see where you need to save money and where you could potentially save money. The bookkeeper will budget all of your business accounts, like the checking account, payroll account and savings or investment accounts. If you have loans on any equipment or other items, they will also help manage the loans.

The idea when owning a small business is to minimize or eliminate debt. This allows you to be as profitable as possible and reduces your risk of bankruptcy. The bookkeeper can help you pay off the loans you have faster, so you can gain more equity in your assets and your business. They will also be a valuable source of information for tax related matters.

You want to find a CPA that does bookkeeping services for small businesses who is also a tax expert. Many CPA professionals are also tax accountants, and they can help you pay less to the government. They will let you know what purchases to make to write off expenses, how you can save on payroll tax, and what amount you should to donate to charity.

The accountant can come in and do a financial analysis of your business to see if you are missing money, losing money, and what is going wrong. They will reform your budget, create a new plan for you to follow, and help you start investing your money more wisely so you can put money back into your company and plan for the future. Find an accountant to get you on the right financial path at

Do Your Skills Add Up to be a Good Accountant?

If you are considering a career in the field of accounting, there are some character traits and personal habits that may indicate this is the right career path for you. To be an accountant, you have to do more than just be good with numbers and calculations. You have to provide a service to others, especially if an accident happens and you need immediate assistance. You have to be personable, responsible, and diligent. People want to find an accountant they can connect with and trust, since money is a vital part of life.

If you are an analytical thinker always thoroughly thinking through every move and decision, this may be the field where you strive. If you always weigh out the risks and the gains of every situation and you make sure that you know all of the details before you decide on anything, chances are that you will have a strong career in accounting.

An accountant needs to be organized and very detailed, because all of your calculations are going to require it. You have to be able to pay attention and stay on task when starting a project, and be able to go over your own work to look for flaws. Working with numbers and calculations is an everyday component, so you should enjoy doing math, analyzing gain and loss data, and have general banking skills.

There are many people and small business owners who would much rather let an expert handle their checking and savings accounts. When people are ready to find an accountant for their personal finances or for business financial management, they want to find an accountant who is certified. You will want to get a degree in finance so you are properly trained, and then take the necessary testing to become a CPA.

Find an accountant that can mentor you while you are in school, or while you are preparing to get certified, so you can see what your potential work day could be like. If you are positive that you want to manage money, work with clients, and be an accountant for the rest of your life, start by getting enrolled in an education program and map your route.

Featured Accountant Alice Yeung in Sunnyvale, California

alice yeung accountant in sunnyvale californiaWhether you’re a business owner or an individual looking for an accountant in Sunnyvale, California, we’d like to introduce you to our next featured accountant, Alice Yeung, one of the leading accountants in Sunnyvale and the Greater South Bay Area of California. Working for the accounting firm of HK & Company, she heads the Sunnyvale office with more than 13 years of professional accounting and industry experience, including extensive audit experience for a wide variety of large and small, public and privately held companies.

Alice Yeung, CPA, has worked as senior auditor of Pricewaterhouse Cooper, a divisional controller of a large privately held corporation and an SEC reporting manager with a large public company, before joining Huang Kan & Company, LLP.

Audit, review and compilation services

Unlike other small CPA firms which often focus on bookkeeping and tax return preparation, with extensive experience in auditing, Alice Yeung can help your business by providing this valuable service that can help take it to the peak of success and beyond. Whether you need to raise funds and require audited financial statements for potentials lenders or investors, you’re looking to strengthen your company’s internal control to further grow your business, or any other reason, Alice Yeung is the accountant to turn to.


Payroll is a very time consuming task that can be taken off the owner’s plate so he or she can concentrate on other important responsibilities at an affordable price. Alice Yeung and firm can act as your payroll department, even answering questions, taking care of any issues that might arise, and most importantly, assuring timely and accurate payroll checks, tax payments, and tax reporting.

Wealth management

No matter what your personal or business financial goals, Alice Yeung can help you visualize a plan for your future. Planning and consulting services are tailored to your vision, whether it’s for retirement, college education, reducing taxes on your estate, or setting up a competitive benefits package for employees.

To find out more about how Alice Yeung and her extensive range of accounting services can help you, you can find her in our Good Accountants featured profile. For a highly reputable accountant in Sunnyvale, California, you can get in touch with her directly here as well.


John Coggin: Featured Accountant in Houston, TX

Accountant in Houston, TX

If you are looking for a personal or business accountant in Houston, TX, then you will be happy with the services that John Coggin has to offer. He is an experienced financial professional, who has been working in the industry for several decades. John Coggin offers accounting services throughout the city of Houston as well as the surrounding areas.

John Coggin offers a variety of services, and can help with many of your accounting needs. He is one of the leading accountants in the area because of the vast experience that he has to offer. He is a Certified Public Accountant, and he also earned a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA). Because of his business training, he is a valuable asset as a financial and business consultant. There aren’t many accountants who can offer both the accounting and business expertise.

His services include: tax management, general accounting, auditing, estate planning, IRS representation, bookkeeping, payroll services, accounting software setup and management, budgeting analysis, cash flow management, employee benefits, international taxation, financial forecasts, business valuations, debt advice, forensic accounting, litigation support, acquisition consulting, and many other financial services.

These services are designed to make your financial management easier, because you can let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting. If you want an accountant who can take care of your personal affairs such as yearly taxes and estate planning, as well as keeping your business on track with financial goals, then you should consider the services that John Coggin has to offer.

John Coggin’s firm includes other qualified staff who can also help with your accounting needs. The team includes accountants and bookkeepers with a broad range of experience, making it a strong accounting firm in the Houston area. Having access to a full, experienced team of accountants can be a valuable resource for your company.

If you want to learn more about the ways that John Coggin can help you, then take a look at his profile. He is a dependable and experienced accountant in Houston, TX, and you can contact him through his profile page here on

5 Important Things to Consider When You Find a Bookkeeper

If you own a small business, then it is a good idea to find a bookkeeper who can help with managing your financial records. The right bookkeeper can help you to manage cash flow and cut costs within your company. There are a few things that you need to think about before choosing a bookkeeper who is the right fit for your business:

Find a Bookkeeper


  • Education: Just because someone is good with numbers doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be a good bookkeeper. Consider the accountant’s level of education, and make sure they have had formal training and have learned about ethics, tactics, strategy, procedure, and policies relating to accounting.
  • Experience: Ask the bookkeeper about their experience, and look for someone who has as much experience as possible. You will want to consider the balance between experience and cost, because bookkeepers with more experience will also charge more money. So, determine your price range, and then find someone within that price range who has the most experience. You may also find a bookkeeper who has experience in your industry.
  • Software and Technology: There are many great tools available to make it easier to manage your business books. Find a bookkeeper who is familiar with technology tools, such as integrated banking solutions, electronic bill management, online banking, and other time saving features.
  • Reconciling, Reporting, and Data Entry: The basic task of data entry to keep up with daily and weekly transactions is important, but you also want to find someone who is familiar with reporting and reconciliation. They need to make sure the information is being tracked with accuracy. Also, the purpose of tracking the numbers is to analyze the data, and reporting tools can help you to see the bigger picture so that you can make effective decisions in your company.
  • Tax Preparation: Tax season is a busy time of year for many companies, and most business owners don’t have the experience to handle their taxes on their own. Your bookkeeper can help you gather the information that is needed for your tax accountant, so that your taxes can be prepared quickly and efficiently.

Before you choose a bookkeeper to work with, you should talk with them about each of these points so that you can make sure they are a good fit for your company. At we have a variety of bookkeeping professionals for you to choose from.

Different Type of NFL Draft: How to Find a CFO Service

Different Type of NFL Draft: How to Find a CFO Service

Find a CFO Service

During this time of year, there is often a lot of discussion about the NFL draft. Avid football fans get excited about the picks for their favorite team, and it is a fun time to make predictions about how the season will play out based on the new lineup. This year, one new hire wasn’t noticed by many of the fans though: the Miami Dolphins hired a new chief financial officer, Chris Clements.

As with any company, an NFL team is a business, which means that they need to find a CFO service to help with managing the books and cash flow. Many companies choose to hire a full time CFO, like the Miami Dolphins did. But, there are other options as well, and one growing trend is to find a CFO service which allows you to benefit from the expertise of a CFO without hiring them as an internal employee.

Advantages of a CFO Service

One of the biggest advantages to using a CFO service instead of hiring someone independently is the fact that you will save a substantial amount of money. By outsourcing the CFO position, you can save money on high salaries, recruiting fees, payroll taxes, and health benefits. These costs can really add up over time, which can have an impact on the cash flow of the company.

Some of the CFO tasks can be handled by other executives in the company, because their responsibilities overlap with the responsibilities of other employees. So, if you are looking for a way to save money, then you can have other executives handle those responsibilities, and then hire a part-time CFO service to handle the financial discipline of the company.

Why a Skilled CFO is Important

Saving money is important, but it is even more important that you don’t sacrifice the success of your company by neglecting the financials. When you find a CFO service, you can have the peace of mind to know that you are working with an experienced executive, who can help with tasks such as financial planning, strategic cash flow decisions, reducing expenses, increasing profit, and overall improvement of the financials of your company. has a variety of CFO professionals for you to choose from, contact us today and we will help you to find a professional that matches your needs.

David Love: Featured Accountant in Charlotte, NC

accountant in Charlotte, NC,

If you want to find an accountant in Charlotte, NC, then you need to make sure that you are selecting someone who is highly skilled and brings a lot of experience to your project. David Love has an established CPA firm in the Charlotte area, and his expertise covers a wide range of both business and personal services. He has been working in the accounting industry for 18 years, and provides personal attention to the needs of each of his clients.

David Love has a Masters degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia. After graduating, he worked for a large CPA firm before starting his own CPA firm in 1988. He can offer a unique perspective on your financial situation, because his background includes both private and public accounting. If you want a qualified accountant who will promptly respond to your inquiries, and take the time to become familiar with your specific needs, then David Love is the accountant that you should hire.

A variety of small business accounting services are available, including bookkeeping, general business accounting, forecasting, budgeting, preparing financial statements, financial advising for new businesses, assisting with business loans  and financing, and IRS representation. He can also help with setting up a new business to implement effective financial systems, as well as taking care of incorporation details or any other needs that may arise as you are getting your business off the ground.

David Love is also very skilled with tax planning and preparation, for both individuals and businesses. He can help with tracking financial details throughout the year, so that you are prepared for tax time. He also offers services to prepare tax returns for both corporations and individuals, including local, state, and federal taxes. His experience makes him a great asset to your company if you need assistance with  a situation where you are facing an IRS audit.

You will be happy with the accounting services that David Love has to offer, and we invite you to contact him through his profile page if you are looking for an accountant in Charlotte, NC.

Brenda Kommareddy: Featured Accountant in Sherman Oaks, CA

If you are in the process of trying to find an accountant in Sherman Oaks, CA, then you might be overwhelmed by the many options that are available. How do you know which professional is the best option to help with your finances? Choosing a qualified accountant is a critical part of running a successful business, and they can also assist with your personal accounting needs as well.

Brenda Kommareddy is one of the leading accountants in the area, and we are pleased to feature her here on If you are in need of a good accountant in Sherman Oaks, then there is no need to look any further, because she can take care of all of your financial needs.

One of the advantages of working with a highly skilled accountant is the fact that they can help you to analyze your financial situation, so that you can make good decisions to fit the current situation of your company. For example, an experienced accountant can help you to track all of your income and expenses on an ongoing basis, and by using that information they can put together a good plan to help you manage cash flow throughout the month. This cash flow analysis can be very beneficial for the long-term success of your company, because the accountant can help you to anticipate annual costs such as taxes or property rental fees.

Brenda Kommareddy: Featured Accountant in Sherman Oaks, CA

Some of the services offered by Brenda Kommareddy include individual services such as estate planning, tax preparation, and personal financial planning. Additionally, she has a wide range of business services, such as corporate taxes, tax planning, small business accounting, cash flow management, strategic business planning, litigation support, payroll management, auditing, succession planning, and much more.

Whether you are looking for tax support, or a way to improve your financial management, or you simply need someone to advise you on your financial situation, then you should contact Brenda Kommareddy right away. She is an experienced accountant in Sherman Oaks, CA, and she is available to help with anything that you need assistance with. You can contact her through her profile page here on