Online Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

When choosing an accountant for your business, you have more options open to you than you may initially think.  All the opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages of traditional accounting are natural at your disposal.  However, online accounting offers its own advantages, and it may fulfill your business needs much more effectively than the traditional notion of accounting.  If your business could benefit from a low cost alternative to traditional accounting and access to a huge pool of able professionals, it may be time to switch from traditional accounting to accounting accounting

A traditional notion of accounting holds that someone from within the company handles the bookkeeping and other duties as they relate to managing the account.  No business can get by without excellent records of all transactions, money coming and going, or they risk losing money without knowing it.  Indeed, the only true advantage to keeping a traditional accountant is that there is someone physically present at all times who can take responsibility for a business’s finances.  All other duties are not necessarily predicated on being physically available throughout the workweek.  In fact, this puts undue strain on a business, as the money allocated to a full-time accountant could be better spent.

An online accountant may be a novel idea, but the signs of success and the facts that back it up say online accounting is the best way to keep track of finances for many businesses.  Note first that the cost of keeping a traditional accountant versus the cost of outsourcing accounting duties to a low-cost internet accountant can differ by a factor of one-half.  The word, “outsourcing” may seem impersonal and, to some extent, cheap, but by using a resource like you can maintain tight control over whom it is you use for your financial needs.  No accountant on offer is going to be of poor quality, and with a large selection of financial professionals to choose from, your needs are certain to be met.  In fact, online accounting services tailor their suggestions to you and your needs.  Here again, the only foreseeable disadvantage is a lack of an in-house accountant with a vested interest in your business.  But’s consistent record of success would suggest that their online accounting services and CPA’s do indeed take an interest in your business.  Your success is also their success.

A dramatic change like moving away from traditional accounting services to accounting online may bring with it certain concerns, but they are unfounded.  The advantages of outsourcing accounting duties to an internet professional allows you to reduce costs and still receive the services you require to run your business.  Be confident, and try a new way of doing things; it will pay off in the short term and for your future financial needs.


The Importance of Hiring Quality Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping mishaps can cost millions. New York City’s 911 systembookkeeping services you can rely on from was revamped, with an audit discovering significant overpayments and the ultimate accounting nightmare. The audit found that poor bookkeeping may have cost taxpayers up to $24 million.

Can you imagine the impact errors like these could have on a small business?

A mistake like that could easily shut down many businesses.

Some business owners mistakenly ask their receptionist or another staff member without the necessary expertise to handle the books, in an effort to save money.  But this is often a big mistake that costs more in the long run. Utilizing highly qualified bookkeeping services such as those you’ll find through will actually help you save money over time and avoid financial disaster like the situation in the Big Apple.

Without the right background and experience, even the sharpest employee on staff is far more likely to make errors that may not be apparent until it’s too late.

Using high quality bookkeeping services will ensure that when a bill arrives, not only is it paid on time, but the invoice is accurate; the auditors in the case above found that Hewlett-Packard invoiced the city for more hours than what was approved in time sheets and even charged $192 per hour for menial tasks, such as opening a door for visitors. This is something that a good bookkeeper would catch immediately.

Meticulous bookkeeping services will also help you to make sure your customers aren’t paying late, keep accurate records, save you money by helping you to avoid late payments and other fees, potentially save thousands of dollars to the IRS that can be incurred due to poor record keeping, and much more. This will also help you to discover where costs can be reduced. Bookkeepers are able to analyze to look for savings and find lower overhead costs for insurance and other expenses, or even ensure that tax breaks aren’t missed.

If you aren’t sure how to find the most qualified experts, all you need to do is contact the consultants at The service comes at no cost to you, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best bookkeeping services for your business.

How to Find the Best Bookkeeper for Your Business

find a bookkeeper

Small and large business owners alike know that having a trustworthy and well-qualified CPA is integral to having a successful business.  When profit margins become razor thin and a few thousand dollars is the difference between staying afloat and sinking under, excellent bookkeeping simply becomes a necessity.  When you know you must find a bookkeeper, look to before you commit any more of your time to your search.  It is very possible to cut the cost of hiring an in-house accountant by as much as half or more.  You are able to save even more of your own time and money not searching for a decent bookkeeper, and in this case, cutting the costs does not mean cutting the quality.

The primary and simplest reason to use’s services is that it will save you money.  Through their sophisticated search features, they find bookkeepers that are best suited to your business, and their services are put within your grasp immediately.  Choose among the best candidates, and your company’s accounting needs are all but taken care of.  By simply outsourcing your accounting needs, you stand to save a substantial amount of money, money that you can then reinvest in yourself and your business.  Saving thousands of dollars is not at all unheard of, and you can be confident that you have the best bookkeeper for the job because you chose him or her.

Hiring a new employee carries with it additional costs that often go unforeseen.  It is obvious that a new employee will require a salary, insurance, benefits, etc., but what of the cost to you, personally?  The time spent interviewing prospective hires is time you are not spending running your business.  Without your attention and action focused on your day-to-day work, you could stand to lose money simply by trying to find a bookkeeper.  Allow to alleviate the stress and cost of finding your bookkeeper.  At no additional cost to you, you could have bookkeeper candidates found, interviewed by you, and hired in short order without having to sacrifice your time and attention.

Cutting your costs does not mean cutting the quality of the services you receive. draws from a pool of the finest CPA’s ready and willing to come to your aid as you need them.  The level of satisfaction’s bookkeepers have achieved for their clients is a testament to their quality.  The best bookkeepers do the best work at the best price, and your best tool for finding these people is

Don’t Spend Your Time Crunching Numbers: Find Bookkeeper, Save Money

financial accounting services for your businessOne of the most common mistakes a small business owner makes is failing to hire a bookkeeper. They often feel they can handle the books themselves, in addition to all of their other responsibilities. Unfortunately, what often happens is that bookkeeping and managing cash flow fall to the bottom of the priority list, jeopardizing the future of the business.

When a business owner has to spend a large portion of time crunching numbers, that time ultimately equals money. Time that could be far better spent growing the business. Find bookkeeper, save money; it’s only common sense.

Some business owners just don’t want to go to the trouble to find bookkeeper. Instead, they pass the task over to an unqualified member of staff such as the receptionist; however, without the right background and experience, they are far more likely to make errors that may not be apparent until its tax time. Some of these mistakes could be rather costly.

Essential information about the business is unlikely to be fully communicated to the owner which can result in poor planning and a dim financial future.

Many business owners are concerned that a bookkeeper is an expense that they can’t afford, but the truth is, business owners can’t afford not to. Find bookkeeper, save money. It’s simple math. The money saved over the long haul by avoiding fees for late payments or bounced checks, in addition to the potential thousands that can be owned to the IRS far outweighs the cost of hiring an expert.

The business may also be missing those opportunities where costs can be reduced because the overhead isn’t analyzed for potential savings or simple procedures to reduce insurance costs and other expenses aren’t followed. Often, the business pays more in taxes than they should be as important tax breaks are missed.

Find bookkeeper, save money – that’s what is there for.  Their service comes at no cost or obligation. By contacting the consultants at, you’ll be ensured of getting the best bookkeeper to meet your business needs, helping you to save big while saving big headaches down the road as well.

Find an Accountant at


Good Accountants helps individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. to find an accountant that meets their professional standards and specific requirements. We are the premier financial directory that connects professional financial services with those who need them.

We never charge you to use our location services and we never provide matches that obligate you to use our recommendations. By using our directory you are able to save time and money searching for a permanent solution to your financial management needs.

How Does It Work

Good Accountants has a very simple form that takes just a few seconds to fill out, once you have done this we can begin the process of locating the professional financial management services that will fit your requirements.

More than 10 million businesses have successfully used our directory in their search for bookkeeping and other accounting services. Whatever your needs are, we are the number one directory when you are trying to find an accountant for your business or individual needs.

How Long Does It Take

Depending upon your specific requirements, Good Accountants is usually able to find an accountant that fits your criteria quickly. The time frame varies dramatically depending upon the skill sets that you require. More sophisticated queries, such as CFO’s, can take a few days to find the right match or availability.

What Services Does Good Accountants Provide

Good Accountants is a directory service, a sort of search engine for accountants, bookkeepers and other financial management professionals. We provide our customers with a detailed list of qualified candidates that fit the criteria provided to us and are in your immediate area.

Our database consists of individual accountants, bookkeepers, accounting and audit firms and is one of the most trusted sources for locating outsourced CFO’s and Corporate CPA’s. Our directory is nationwide and is the number one ranked site of it’s kind.

Contact Good Accountants today by visiting our main website 24/7 and filling out our online form or give one of our professional service representatives a call for further assistance. We look forward to working with you and helping you to solve your financial management needs.

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Utilizing Bookkeeping Services for Small Business is Cost Effective and Smart

bookkeeping services for small businessA small business owner is often faced with numerous tasks, wearing many different hats that might include performing the role of sales person, marketing/advertising exec, boss, lawyer, bill collector, purchasing agent, and the list goes on. Few small business owners can really afford to squeeze in the time to become to be a full-charge bookkeeper, and perform the job adequately.

Utilizing bookkeeping services for small business is one of the best ways to allow a business owner to get out and network, spending their time to actually grow the business. It’s also typically more cost effective to outsource these services instead of hiring an internal bookkeeper due to the expense of adding another employee to the staff, including taxes, medical insurance, other benefits and the time and cost of advertising for candidates as well as a nearly endless list of other associated expenses.

High quality services

With a shortage of qualified and available bookkeepers, using the free services of will assure that you’re getting the highest quality work performed at the fraction of the cost of hiring your own bookkeeper.  Knowledge of proper accounting practices is essential and expert bookkeepers using the most advanced technology will can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and adhering to the latest government regulations.

Privacy and security

By using bookkeeping services for small business, it removes the risk of having privileged financial information leaked throughout your office. When it comes to accounting, including payroll, privacy and confidentiality are crucial – and by outsourcing this part of the business it takes the stress away with individuals performing the work not affected by the number they’re working with.


Of course one of the most important reasons for utilizing bookkeeping services for small business is that it allows the owner to focus on their primary responsibilities that will most likely enable the business to grow.  In addition, without the need to worry about time consuming financial records and other related activities, this will help path the way to a clearer mind and more sound decisions.

Better use of space

Not only will you have fewer piles of paper work to deal with, not having a full-time bookkeeper or an entire accounting department saves you the office space which can be used for other more productive means or just help save on the cost of rent.

Save money and grow your business by allowing the experts at to show you how outsourcing bookkeeping services for small business may be the most cost effective, smart decision you can make as part of your planning strategies.

How to Find a Bookkeeper Who is Right for your Business

find a bookkeeper with goodaccountants.comWhile some entrepreneurs attempt to handle the books themselves when embarking on a new business venture, it usually doesn’t take long before realizing how much time and effort it takes – time that could be better spent on growing the business.

It is crucial to the success of any business to find a bookkeeper who has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge of not only bookkeeping, but your particular industry or one that is similar. Financial data that is mismanaged has the potential to put an organization out of business and cause a nightmare for its owner.

Once you are aware of the importance of hiring a professional who can be trusted to handle the financial side of your business, how do you find a bookkeeper who has the potential to contribute to the success of your organization?


The right bookkeeper must be someone that can be completed trusted as they’ll not only be handling money but will likely have access to privileged, delicate information that must be kept confidential. Thoroughly checking references of past employers or clients, and even performing a background check can go a long way in assuring the bookkeeper you hire is a honest, trustworthy candidate.

Communication skills

Some bookkeepers may be better at crunching numbers than communicating; however, the best bookkeepers will not only be a whiz with the books but they should also have outstanding communication skills. If a problem arises they need to be able to discuss it with you – or with others in the organization in order to resolve it.  As you’ll probably be working closely with this person you also need to be able to relate to them and feel comfortable having a variety of conversations.

Experience and education

The best bookkeeper may not have a degree in accounting, but some formal coursework or certification does show professionalism as well as expertise. More important is their past experience on the job. Having an in-depth conversation with at least two former employers about their past performance will give you a good glimpse as to how the bookkeeper might handle future responsibilities.

By contacting, you can be assured that all bases will be covered with expert specialists who can assist you to find a bookkeeper who is the most qualified and the best fit for your organization, and at absolutely no cost.

Tips to Find a Bookkeeper

Finding an individual or company to provide bookkeeping services for your business can be extremely difficult. The difficulty is not in the lack of bookkeepers, but rather from the large number of companies and individuals who offer bookkeeping. How do you know which bookkeeper to choose? To find a bookkeeper may seem daunting enough, but then you must select from many choices.

Searching For The Bookkeeper

One of the easiest ways to find a bookkeeper is to perform a search online. Online registries of professional accountants and bookkeepers, such as, provide information for reputable, experienced bookkeepers. You can also use a search engine to look for bookkeepers. Pay particular attention to the top ten or so listings, as they have earned the best internet reputations. You can also ask colleagues for recommendations for bookkeepers in your area whom they have been satisfied with. Another option for finding a bookkeeper is consulting the yellow pages of your local phone directory. You will find contact information at a minimum, and if the bookkeeper has an ad, you can find out more about individual services offered.

Once you have found some prospective bookkeepers, you need to narrow down your choices and make a decision. Many bookkeepers offer free consultations so that you can meet them and find out more about the services they offer and the fees that they charge. An individual or company that will offer you a free consultation is always a good sign, because it shows that they care about gaining new clients and are much more likely to work with you to suit your unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. By speaking with the prospective bookkeeper, you will be able to easily assess if their services are in line with your goals.


There are many important questions you will need to ask a prospective bookkeeper. You should, of course, ask about experience and get some references for companies they have worked for that are similar to your own. Every industry differs in its accounting needs, and what works in one industry is not always the best option for another industry. You know what your specific needs are, so be sure to choose a bookkeeper who is experienced and capable in those areas. If your business is related to the internet, for example, you will need a bookkeeper who is experienced with e-commerce.

You also need to establish how many hours per week you will need bookkeeping services so that you can find a bookkeeper who can accommodate your needs. If you are only looking for a part time bookkeeper, consider consulting an online registry, such as Good Accountants, that can provide you with contact information for accountants and bookkeepers that can be hired on a part time or short term basis. A registry can also provide contact information for bookkeepers that are available for full time employment as well.

What to look for when you need to find a Bookkeeper

you need to find a bookkeeper to make sure your business can stay afloatA good bookkeeper is crucial to the success of any business. If your company’s financial data is not managed correctly it could even spell disaster. You need to find a bookkeeper who can be relied upon and has the training and experience in order to do the job right.

Hiring someone who is not right for the job can be worse than hiring no one at all. Some business owners try to save money by doing their own bookkeeping or hiring an inexperienced member of their staff, such as a receptionist do their bookkeeping, without understanding the damaging impact it can have on the business.

A small mistake can be easy to make, especially by an inexperienced bookkeeper, and can ultimately lead to a huge expense farther down the road when someone else has to come in to try to make sense of the books.

To avoid a financial nightmare for your business, what should you look for if you want to find a bookkeeper who will do the job right?

Knowledge and experience

While a good bookkeeper does not need to have degree in accounting, they should have completed some formal coursework in bookkeeping or have been certified from an institution like the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Of course there is no substitute for real world experience; the best way to find out how they’ll perform in a bookkeeping position for your business is to speak with one of their former employers or a past client about their past performance.


The best bookkeepers are detail oriented, well organized, analytical, and have good time management skills. During an interview, ask the candidate for an example of how his/her attention to detail has specifically helped him or her get the job done in the past.

Pay attention to their body language during the interview as well. If they seem frazzled and anxious or disorganized, they might not be the right person for the job.


It won’t help you to find a bookkeeper if that person isn’t available to commit the time your business needs. The bookkeeper should be available and dependable.


It’s imperative that the bookkeeper have good communication skills and not be afraid to hold you accountable for any discrepancies that might arise. They should be assertive enough that if they have any doubts about a deposit, check or other financial transaction, they’ll be able to question you about it to be certain that it is categorized or coded correctly.

By asking the right questions, you’ll be much more likely to find a bookkeeper who will do the job right, and increase the chances of success for your business.


The Best Advice Bookkeepers Can Give

When you own a business, finding a bookkeeper who can help you stay on top of payroll, expenses, and income is crucial.  Managing your numbers helps you ensure that your company is maximizing its profit potential and makes it easy to share your financial data with lenders whenever they request a report, and it also ensures that tax time is as stress and hassle-free as possible.  Proper bookkeeping is a lifesaver in the event of an audit, and the simple fact is that it makes managing the day to day operations of your business much easier.  Taking advice offered by your bookkeeper can often pay off handsomely, and the right advice can be huge.

Finding a Bookkeeper You Can Rely On

If you were to ask most professional bookkeepers what one piece of advice they would most like to offer business owners, it would likely be to stress the importance of hiring an expert.  While turning over your financial records to a savvy individual may work well for a fledgling self-employment setup, new tax laws, taking on more employees, and increasing your business load can all quickly create a situation that is unmanageable.  Taking the time to find a bookkeeper at the start so that they are familiar with how your business works and how you are spending and making money can really keep everything running smoothly no matter what turns your business takes.

Managing your own payments and expenses can often lead to missed deductions, failure to create properly formatted reports for lending agencies, and even an increased risk of audits when tax season rolls around.  If you take the time to find a bookkeeper who has the experience and training necessary to handle your specific business situation, you will find that he or she can easily help you see where cuts or adjustments need to be made, as well as what areas of your business are proving the most (or least) cost effective.

The Right Expert Makes a Big Difference

No matter how you look at it, choosing the right bookkeeper for your needs is going to make a big difference for your company.  Trying to do it all on your own takes your focus off of your business.  If your company is small, you won’t need to employ someone on a full time basis in order to reap the benefits, but you should have someone who is qualified to handle your numbers for you.  A great bookkeeper is as essential as a solid business model, and it can really expand your overall bottom line.