The Financial Information Every Business Owner Needs: CPA Insight and Benefits

Half of businesses will fail within the first 5 years of operation, but you don’t have to be in the bottom half of that statistic. A CPA is the professional you need to keep your business spending and budget tight, while making the right financial investments for a long lasting future. The American Institute of Certified Personal Accountants has now launched a website to show the more than 28 million business owners in America, how a CPA can help their business.

A CPA can go beyond bookkeeping and payroll, and can do an audit of your business. Small business accountants can determine if employee reports are accurate, if money is missing from accounts, or if you have people stealing from you. They will evaluate expenses and spending to determine your needs and to see what can be cut back. The accountant will work to help you lower the amount of business debt you’ve accumulated or required for startup, while gaining equity in your business assets or commercial property.

The CPA is trained to help you with mergers, risk management, contracts, expansion and more. The business finances will be documented properly and organized, and the CPA can give you tax advice. The CPA can help the business save money for emergencies and so you have a cushion, and they can also help with personal savings goals.

The more profitable the business is, the more money the business owner has for savings, retirement and for other investments. The launch of the website from the AICPA is a great tool that all business owners can take advantage of to gain success. Get your business finances on the right path with a professional from

A CFO Shakeup Can Rock Your Stocks

A great way to spark interest in your company, to bring change and ignite stocks, is by changing the CFO. A new CFO will bring attention and can please shareholders, and many dominant companies in America have recently used this tactic. Newell Rubbermaid Inc. has named interim CFO John Stipancich as the permanent person for the job, and David Oaks has received the CFO title at DDR Corp. At the mail distributing company Pitney Bowes Inc., the CFO Michael Monahan has also been given the title of chief operating officer, which came with a hefty pay raise.

If you think it’s time for a change and you could benefit from some new blood at the top of the company, you can find a CFO service that has qualified applicants. Find the person who has what it takes to improve your company at, and be the next company to reap the benefits of the shakeup.

Rejoice During Tax Season Instead of Fearing Your Deadline

If you want to breeze through tax time without a care in the world as a small business owner, you need to have your accounting and tax documents managed by a CPA. The CPA doesn’t just work to prepare statements at the end of the year, they are filing and preparing all year long. They help you make financial decisions throughout the fiscal year that are going to help you pay as little as possible to Uncle Sam.

The accountant will know what purchases are deductible when you file, without allowing you to go overboard with receipts and write-offs which can draw unwanted attention by the IRS. The CPA attends yearly conferences and receives the changes that will be implemented for that tax year, so they are always up to date with tax information. This is all knowledge that you may not have time to learn, and time you don’t have to spend. You can find a CPA that will manage your finances and taxes wisely.

If your business doesn’t pay the right amount of taxes to the city, state, and federal departments throughout the year, you will have a mess when it’s time to file. The CPA makes sure that you are paying out to the right places all year long, so you don’t owe large unexpected amounts of money when you file. Doing your own taxes and making mistakes can be costly, and unintentional mistakes can put you at the risk of tax fraud.

If you are audited you will have to hire a tax attorney that specializes in small business cases, and the IRS could force you to close your doors during the investigation. The CPA can submit error free financial statements to reduce your chances of an audit, and to save you headaches and stress. Find a CPA with lots of small business experience for the best results.

Don’t risk dealing with tax dilemmas or a financial crisis because of poor financial management. If you aren’t great with numbers, you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your company accounting and taxes, and you worry about taxes all year long, it’s time to find a CPA at

Is Bookkeeping the Worst Part of Business Ownership? Don’t Let it Cost You Everything

If you are one of the 40 percent of business owners that thinks accounting work is the worst part of owning a business, and you are spending over 80 hours a year trying to manage your own books, conserve your valuable time and outsource the work to small business accountants. Having an accountant doesn’t just save you time, but the accountant can make your business more profitable.

About 80 percent of entrepreneurs fail within 18 months of opening for business, and this is avoidable. The accountants are going to input your financial data, manage your bookkeeping and payroll, total the amount of money going out for expenses, and look at your profits. You will get financial statements at the end of each month, quarter, and as needed, to determine where you need to save money, and to see how profitable your business really is.

Small business accountants can help you reach profit goals by reducing spending, they can set a budget and payment schedule to pay off debts and gain equity, and they help business owners save money to invest back into the business. They work to keep your documents error free, and you don’t have to learn or buy the computer programs to manage your own books. You also get financial guidance and advice from a professional. All of these things are favorable, but it’s during tax time that the true value of an accountant is appreciated.

If you aren’t taking out the right amount of taxes, you make an accounting error, or you file incorrectly when you go to submit your tax documents, you can get audited. A tax audit caused by submission errors will cost money in legal fees, and it will take time to compile the financial information requested by the IRS. It can also put you at a higher risk for an audit in the future.

Small business accountants and tax preparers have your financial information compiled for the year, they know what expenses are deductible, and they attend annual conferences to stay up to date with filing changes. Throughout the year they will let you know if you need to donate, spend money on the business, or stop hiring for a more beneficial tax return.

The majority of business owners are already spending around $1,000-$5,000 for their small business accounting needs. Why not use this money more wisely, and let small business accountants at handle your business finances to save time and improve financial success.