Accounting Salaries Expected to Rise Next Year, Why Now is the Right Time to Hire a Small Business Accountant

accountant salaries are on the rise find an accountant for small business todayWith average starting salaries for accounting and finance professionals across the U.S. predicted to rise by 3.5 percent next year, now may be the time to hire accountants for small business. According to the staffing company Robert Half, all types of accounting professionals, including staff accountants, business systems analysts and senior financial analysts, are in strong demand with the regulatory environment driving hiring for risk, compliance and internal audit professionals.

In a market where skilled candidates like these know they’re in demand, it’s essential for businesses to benchmark salaries to remain competitive. Smart organizations realize the importance of accountants for small business.

If you’re worried about the cost, it’s important to consider that hiring an accountant typically pays for itself over the long run. As a highly qualified professional can help you figure out the best way to use your assets to get the most beneficial financial advantage. An accountant can also help ensure the financial health of your organization, offering invaluable advice on what information is key for any business to be aware of.

While small business owners are typically experts in their own industry, rarely are they accounting or tax experts. Accountants for small business can provide essential information on how to save and manage money to give your business the best chance for success.

Professional accountants are also kept up to date, and have important tax law knowledge for small businesses. They can help to ensure you’re in compliance, warding off tax troubles in the future in addition to being knowledgeable about various tax breaks that can be taken, so that you can take advantage of everything available to you.

Accountants for small businesses often act as important advisors and can perform business reviews that may be essential for key financial reports that your company relies on to make other important business decisions. They can also assist with appraising the viability of future projects by providing gain and loss forecasts, as well as being instrumental in preparing business proposals and plans that can help grow your business.

More than 10 million business owners have turned to to help them find the right accountant for their organization. No matter what the size of your company, you can be matched with the top accountants that are right for you.