David Dube: Featured Accountant in Leominster, MA

Finding an experienced accountant in Leominster, MA is essential to managing the finances for your family or business, and David Dube is one of the leading accountants in the area. His firm, Dube & Hazelwood, P.C. offers a variety of accounting services to meet your needs.

david dube accountant in leominsterWhen you work with David Dube and his firm, you will see that they have a reputation for quality accounting services, high levels of professionalism, as well as fast and accurate information. You will have the advantage of personal attention from your accountant, and he will bring extensive experience to make sure that your finances are managed correctly. Some of the services that are available include:

Business Accounting Services

Setting up an accounting program for your business is key to the financial success of your company, and David Dube can help you to get the system setup and manage it on an ongoing basis. He offers QuickBooks setup, training, tune-ups, and report analysis. Other business services include succession planning, cash flow management, reviews, audits, and more.

Tax Accounting Services

Planning and preparing your tax paperwork is a necessary task for every family and business, and working with an experienced accountant in Leominster, MA will give you the advantage of using the right tax breaks to avoid unnecessary tax burden. David Dube offers a variety of tax services including IRS audit representation, tax preparation and filing, payroll tax problems, bankruptcy, IRS liens, and more.

Personal Accounting Services

An accountant can help you to structure your personal finances so that you are prepared for the future. Some of the personal accounting services that are available include estate planning, personal financial planning, and yearly tax preparation.

When you start working with an experienced accountant, you will see that their services make a difference in your financial outcomes. Having an accountant available to help with your finances is a great way to ease your burden because you can let the professionals take care of everything for you.