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The Good Accountants Blog Presents our Second Featured Accountant…

Susan Haase,  CPA РGood Accountant in South San Francisco

Susan Haase CPA

Southern San Francisco Public Accountant Susan Haase

Here is our second installment of our featured accountant post! We are proud to present Susan Haase with this honor. Susan prides herself on being more than just a South San Francisco accountant, she is a problem solver. Her passion for giving her clients insightful solutions to their problems is something that isn’t easily replicated. Her team of experts at Peninsula Accounting¬†provide a large range of services for non profit groups, individuals, and businesses alike.

The great thing about working with Susan and the team at Peninsula in South San Francisco California, is that instead of working with a single accountant, Peninsula offers their full team to help better serve you. This offers their clients a wide range of expert knowledge to tackle any problem thrown at them. Coupled with their expert knowledge is many years of experience and attention to detail. This level of attention delivers a one of a kind, close and personal experience that deals with your problems. You can feel confident that at any time, there is always someone who can both help you as well as understanding your business. The alignment of your business goals and Susan Haase’s expertise, offers you a one stop shop for any accounting solution.

If you would like further information about Susan Haase CPA or are in need of a top South San Francisco Accountant, you can view her profile page on Good Accountants.