Use a Find a CFO Service to Take Your Business to a New Level

find a cfo with - time incs new cfo jeffrey bairstowEarlier this week, Time Inc. named Jeffrey Bairstow  as its new Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. Mr. Bairstow is experienced with the complex transition required to take traditionally print mediums like newspapers and move them into the digital world successfully. Also, Mr. Bairstow has the financial acumen to make this change while sustaining profitability and guiding the company in the right direction for years to come.

While the business you own or run is not likely as large as Time Inc., that doesn’t mean you can’t use a CFO to improve the future of your company. Many small businesses make the mistake of assuming they aren’t large enough to employ the services of a CFO and miss out on a great opportunity. Using a find a CFO service to locate perfect candidates, you could quickly find just the right person to steer your business in a profitable direction.

So why is a CFO a good idea for your business? There are many skills that a qualified CFO can bring to a business that might not exist with any of the current staff and management. Things like capital acquisition, government regulation, cost control measures, and more can be managed by the newly-hired CFO. In some cases, these might be areas of the business that have never been looked at before. It is not uncommon for a small business to undergo a significant transformation and improvement shortly after bringing on a CFO.

A find a CFO service online, such as the services offered at, will be able to help you quickly locate potential candidates in a short period of time. What would have once been an intimidating and time consuming (not to mention expensive) process is now simple and affordable. Good people with the skills to serve as CFO are out there, and a find a CFO service will help bring them to your attention. Your calendar will fill up quickly with scheduled interviews and the search to locate your first-ever CFO isn’t likely to take much longer than it took for you to read this article (okay – maybe a little longer than that). Hiring a CFO might be just the push your business needs to take that next step and experience growth and profits that never before seemed possible.