The Power Of Small Business Accountants

find the best business accountant with goodaccountants.comJust as a rocket ship waits for fuel to power out of the dock, your business is only one accountant away from blasting out of the starting gate. Too many small and medium size business owners believe accountants only come in handy during tax season, when in fact, hiring one of the best accountants full time places your business on solid financial ground. It’s one thing to have a booming business from the start, but it’s quite another thing to poorly manage your business income.

Why Your Business Needs an Accountant
Let’s admit it: QuickBooks cannot account for every dollar that comes in and goes out of your business. You need a professional to crunch the numbers and accurately portray the financial status of your company. Sheela Murphy’s immigration law firm hired an accountant to manage the financials and her firm immediately took off with more clients and better cases. Instead of playing a CSI crunching the firm’s numbers, Sheela hired an accountant to stay abreast of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Hiring one of the best small business accountants not only provided Sheela’s firm with an accurate assessment of financial health, it also freed up the partners to drum up business and take on more complicated cases. Accountants save you time and help navigate your way through cumbersome tax laws and business regulations. Small business accountants spot financial irregularities that can cost your small business thousands of dollars. More than simply a tax preparer who shows up every April, your small business accountant helps you manage cash flow, assess business risks, and comply with accounting standards. The money you save hiring one of the best small business accountants allows you to invest in online marketing strategies and the latest computer information system.

How to Hire one of the Best Small Business Accountants
You’re probably thinking, “I’m sold on hiring an accountant, but where do I find one?” The answer lies at, an accountant clearinghouse that has over 50,000 accounting firms in its database. You register your business on the first page by entering general information or enter the same information on the bookkeeping page. The headline on the bookkeeping page says it all; “Why hire internally when you can outsource and save?” From saving money on hidden tax deductions to depreciating assets you never thought qualified for depreciation, you can expect that hiring one of the best small business accountants at to be the best business decision you ever make.