How to Find the Best Bookkeeper for Your Business

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Small and large business owners alike know that having a trustworthy and well-qualified CPA is integral to having a successful business.  When profit margins become razor thin and a few thousand dollars is the difference between staying afloat and sinking under, excellent bookkeeping simply becomes a necessity.  When you know you must find a bookkeeper, look to before you commit any more of your time to your search.  It is very possible to cut the cost of hiring an in-house accountant by as much as half or more.  You are able to save even more of your own time and money not searching for a decent bookkeeper, and in this case, cutting the costs does not mean cutting the quality.

The primary and simplest reason to use’s services is that it will save you money.  Through their sophisticated search features, they find bookkeepers that are best suited to your business, and their services are put within your grasp immediately.  Choose among the best candidates, and your company’s accounting needs are all but taken care of.  By simply outsourcing your accounting needs, you stand to save a substantial amount of money, money that you can then reinvest in yourself and your business.  Saving thousands of dollars is not at all unheard of, and you can be confident that you have the best bookkeeper for the job because you chose him or her.

Hiring a new employee carries with it additional costs that often go unforeseen.  It is obvious that a new employee will require a salary, insurance, benefits, etc., but what of the cost to you, personally?  The time spent interviewing prospective hires is time you are not spending running your business.  Without your attention and action focused on your day-to-day work, you could stand to lose money simply by trying to find a bookkeeper.  Allow to alleviate the stress and cost of finding your bookkeeper.  At no additional cost to you, you could have bookkeeper candidates found, interviewed by you, and hired in short order without having to sacrifice your time and attention.

Cutting your costs does not mean cutting the quality of the services you receive. draws from a pool of the finest CPA’s ready and willing to come to your aid as you need them.  The level of satisfaction’s bookkeepers have achieved for their clients is a testament to their quality.  The best bookkeepers do the best work at the best price, and your best tool for finding these people is

Small Businesses in the US: Why They Matter More Than Ever – Infographic

Small Business Accountants Matter

What would our country be without small businesses? The team here at put together this infographic to show just how vital small businesses are to the American economy. provides bookkeeping and auditing services to help small businesses thrive in today’s market, by saving money and keeping finances in order.  Outsourcing bookkeeping and other financial services gives small businesses the leverage they need to stay afloat amongst large corporations.

Small Businesses in the US: Why They Matter More Than Ever – Infographic

Find a CFO Service And Strike Gold

Why settle for an accountant when you can find a CFO service. Once thought to be the exclusive domain of large corporations, CFO services have popped up that cater to the financial needs of small and medium sizedfind a cfo business owners. You get more than a numbers cruncher; you get an accounting and finance professional who guides you through rocky financial waters until your business reaches smooth sailing.

Hiring a CFO service opens more time in your busy schedule. You forgo spending hours trying to make sense out of complicated financial statement and use the extra time to attract new business and get your loyal customers to buy more often. A CFO service also finds ways to save your business money by maximizing the use of fundamental accounting and finance concepts.

The Skinny on CFO Services

Lose the image of a stodgy accountant who never leaves his desk, even to take a bathroom break. In the accountant’s place, picture a vibrant, creative small business professional who does more than send off your business income tax forms every quarter. When you find a CFO service, you ensure you get a dedicated CFO to help you address the most complex financial and business strategy issues. As a member of your leadership team, the CFO oversees the management of cash flow, financial transactions, accounting standards, and revenue generation.

Your new CFO drives internal cash flow by implementing working capital in the most profitable areas. Expect the CFO to provide regularly scheduled financial transaction reports that highlight key business performance indicators. After you find a CFO service, you’ll have a professional measure and manages revenue streams. Most important, your new CFO ensures all accounting and management reports comply with generally accepted accounting principles and federal regulations.

It’s Not a Guessing Game

The way you find a CFO service does not involve spinning a Roulette Wheel and hoping for the best. At, you eliminate the guessing game by reviewing the hundreds of outsourced CFOs the website stores in it comprehensive database. Complete the simple form on the CFO Services page and then watch the introductory video that explains how your small or medium business can benefit from hiring an outsourced CFO. delivers the best outsourced CFO candidates, at no charge to you or your business. Now, that’s what we call smart financial planning!

The Power Of Small Business Accountants

find the best business accountant with goodaccountants.comJust as a rocket ship waits for fuel to power out of the dock, your business is only one accountant away from blasting out of the starting gate. Too many small and medium size business owners believe accountants only come in handy during tax season, when in fact, hiring one of the best accountants full time places your business on solid financial ground. It’s one thing to have a booming business from the start, but it’s quite another thing to poorly manage your business income.

Why Your Business Needs an Accountant
Let’s admit it: QuickBooks cannot account for every dollar that comes in and goes out of your business. You need a professional to crunch the numbers and accurately portray the financial status of your company. Sheela Murphy’s immigration law firm hired an accountant to manage the financials and her firm immediately took off with more clients and better cases. Instead of playing a CSI crunching the firm’s numbers, Sheela hired an accountant to stay abreast of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Hiring one of the best small business accountants not only provided Sheela’s firm with an accurate assessment of financial health, it also freed up the partners to drum up business and take on more complicated cases. Accountants save you time and help navigate your way through cumbersome tax laws and business regulations. Small business accountants spot financial irregularities that can cost your small business thousands of dollars. More than simply a tax preparer who shows up every April, your small business accountant helps you manage cash flow, assess business risks, and comply with accounting standards. The money you save hiring one of the best small business accountants allows you to invest in online marketing strategies and the latest computer information system.

How to Hire one of the Best Small Business Accountants
You’re probably thinking, “I’m sold on hiring an accountant, but where do I find one?” The answer lies at, an accountant clearinghouse that has over 50,000 accounting firms in its database. You register your business on the first page by entering general information or enter the same information on the bookkeeping page. The headline on the bookkeeping page says it all; “Why hire internally when you can outsource and save?” From saving money on hidden tax deductions to depreciating assets you never thought qualified for depreciation, you can expect that hiring one of the best small business accountants at to be the best business decision you ever make.

Find An Accountant And Resolve Your Tax Woes

find an accountantThe federal government may under staff and overwork the IRS, but that does not mean the people who work for the agency have transformed into a group of Mother Teresas. As recent news stories indicate, the IRS is the same tough as nails tax collection organization that can turn your world upside down. Taxpayers who struggle with the IRS need to know how to find an accountant to straighten out the paperwork and present a winning case.

Most of the issues with the IRS concerns tax debt. A number of reasons can lead to unforeseen tax debt, such as failing to include all sources of income and incorrect mathematic computations. The increasing complexity of the US tax code also contributes to erroneous returns. Your best method for avoiding unforeseen tax debt is to hire an accountant before you file to make sure you have correctly established your tax liability. However, most people need IRS relief after the fact, which means they have to find an accountant, and fast.

You can let your fingers do the walking and take your chances or access the large accountant database at to find an accountant who has the qualifications to take on the IRS. Over 50,000 accounting firms list at The website allows you to find an accountant for free by inputting personal information and a little information about your situation. Go to the audit page to learn how you can get five competitive bids for your audit. You can find five qualified accountants on the website’s taxation page. Once you receive bids, you need to know how to hire the right accountant to resolve your tax woes.

Your tax professional should be a certified public accountant, which is one of the few professionals allowed to represent taxpayers in cases before the IRS. The accountant should be well versed in every aspect of income tax law. Make sure the accountant you choose has extensive experience dealing with issues that are part of your case. For example, hire an accountant who specializes in maximizing your deductions, if you need to shave a few more dollars from your income. Finally, after considering multiple factors, choose your accountant and start the resolution process as quickly as possible.

How The Best Accountants Control Soaring Interest Rates

the best accountants can help you finance your homeIf we learned one thing from the 2007-08 financial meltdown, it’s that the days of easy money have become footnotes in American history textbooks. The Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, and scores of banks gushed money from their vaults as a geyser gushes oil after it strikes pay dirt. The result was the introduction of restrictive mortgage rates that choke the life out of the housing market. Just when it appeared mortgage rates were set to fall, albeit slowly, recent news buttresses the argument that mortgage rates may have not reached the ceiling.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported on July 3 that rates on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage reached 4.58 percent, which is the highest 30-year rate in nearly two years. Because of the high rate, mortgage applications fell by over 12 percent in just one week. The number of mortgages that homeowners have refinanced has declined all over the United States. With Ben Bernanke issuing his recent Darth Vader like proclamation that the days of quantitative easing are over, do not expect the housing market to return to the free money days any time soon.

Mortgage brokers have traditionally played the role of intermediaries between banks and individuals who seek mortgage loans. The steady climb of mortgage rates has rendered mortgage brokers mostly ineffective, as the sources they have sought financing from in the past have dried up as a waterhole dries up in the desert. Because of the mortgage rate squeeze, you may decide to opt out of the housing market. However, by combining the best accountants with your mortgage broker, you may be able to find the home of your dreams. brings together the cream of the best accountants. Your goal in hiring an accountant from the list of qualified professionals who list on is to get your personal financial statements in order. The free service is akin to dating sites that match people of similar interests. In this case, the matchmaker connects accountants with people who need their specialized services. You may need help with simple bookeeping entries to improve your earning power. The more money that you demonstrate you earn, the more likely a mortgage broker can swing a deal with a bank for a home loan. Consult with one of the best accountants on taxation issues to enhance your liquidity. provides you with an easy to access database of over 50,000 accounting firms. Many of the firms employ specialists who work exclusively with potential homeowners to improve equity and lower liabilities. Rising interest rates may put a damper on The American Dream, but you can block the rain from falling on your new home when you combine the expertise of your mortgage broker and one of the accounting professionals listed on

Find An Auditing Firm And Make The IRS Disappear

find an auditing serviceHunters eagerly anticipate the start of deer season. Caterers make extra room in their safes before the start of wedding season. Children across the country don their favorite team’s cap for the opening day of baseball season. However, one season strikes fear into most Americans.
With the April 15 federal tax filing date behind us, audit season is beginning to pick up steam. Unlike deer season, which requires a license, or baseball season, which requires tickets, the only thing you get as a reminder of audit season is a neatly type letter from the IRS. The letters cause the most hardened Americans to run for cover. They panic and throw away the letters, hoping the IRS conveniently forgets about their existence.

The first thing to remember for learning how to find an auditing firm is the IRS does not forget about you.

Yet you have a better chance of becoming involved in a car accident than you do hearing the IRS knock on your front door. Unless you make over $200,000 per year, you have less than a one percent chance of receiving the dreaded audit letter. Even taxpayers who earn $5 million per year only have a five percent chance of welcoming the IRS to their homes.

Nonetheless, you should prepare for an audit by learning how to find an auditing firm. Instead of burning the IRS letter and moving to South America, you can take measures that ensure you garner the best representation in front of the IRS panel that performs your audit. By going to, you take the important first step on the road to taxpayer redemption.

Once you access, click on the audit link to learn how to get five competitive bids for your audit. Make sure you review the video testimonials to hear from people just like you who found the right accountant for their IRS audit. You need to find an accountant whose educational and professional credentials match your unique audit parameters. Look at as an accountant clearinghouse that provides you with the most cost effective way to find accounting experts for private, pension plan, and bank audits.

Staff reductions, coupled with increased workloads have caused IRS audits to decline. Whether the percentage of IRS audits remains low or more resources prompt the agency to ramp up the heat, you should know how to find an auditing firm. Remember that the sooner you act, the better chance you have of finding the best auditing firm on