Petsmart Names New CFO: How to Find a CFO for Your Business

find a cfoAfter hiring a new CEO and COO earlier this year, Petsmart announced recently that Carry Teffner would become their new chief financial officer and she took over this role on June 3. Teffner has served as the CFO for several major companies, most recently for Weber-Stephen Products, a leading manufacturer and exporter of barbecue grills and accessories.

Petsmart’s COO remarked that her “extensive expertise in finance across multiple industries including retail and consumer goods” will make her a valuable addition to their leadership team.

It appears that Petsmart has found a great fit for the management of their company’s finances. But how does the average business owner find a CFO with the best qualifications for their needs?

A small business can have much different needs than a large multinational corporation. A startup company doesn’t come with the same infrastructure that a bigger company typically would have, making the CFO responsible a wider range of tasks.

If you want to find a CFO for your business, this can be one of the most important decisions for its financial health and success. The right professional for the job must have the extensive expertise required on the accounting, process, and tax knowledge needed to steer a company’s finances. The CFO should be able to take a leading role in bringing operation excellence into the business by installing the right amount of structure, reporting and processes.

To find a CFO that can be trusted to not only handle privileged information and make the best financial decisions can be the major factor for taking your business to the pinnacle of success and even beyond.

The CFO needs to be a trusted advisor to help you make the big and small decisions in addition to being able to perform a wide range of duties. In a small business a CFO often needs to be comfortable with legal documents as well as finance as they take a more hands-on role in day-to-day operations.

So how do you find a CFO that can be all of this and more? By calling the expert consultants at, you’ll receive the very top candidates with the qualifications specific to your needs at no cost or obligation to you.