How to Find an Auditing Firm and Stay Ahead of the IRS

With the IRS in the headlines recently, many business owners may be holding their breath hoping that they don’t become a target of an investigation or an audit. The dreaded word is enough to make anyone experience heart palpitations.

If you want to ensure that all of your ducks are in a row when it comes to your business finances, one of the best ways to do that is to find an auditing firm. An audit of business records can help give you peace of mind and even prevent financial disaster. Many businesses look to auditing firms for their professional expertise and guidance in financial affairs to ensure continued success.

Of course, it is crucial to find an auditing firm that is highly ethical and trustworthy in order to handle confidential records. What else should you look for when seeking the right firm?

  • A good reputation is a must. Your business reputation can be impacted by the auditing firm you choose. Consider contacting professional organizations for a list of recommended firms or ask other business owners within your industry for a referral to a firm they have used and know to be trustworthy.
  • Experience and expertise should also be on the top of the list. Businesses entrusting their most sensitive financial information to a firm, need to know that it is being handled by those who have proven years of experience.
  • High ethical standardsfind an auditing firm should be displayed at all times. Does the auditing firm display a high level of ethics in everything they do?

Important factors to consider when narrowing down your choices include:

  • Qualifications. Does the firm specialize in auditing or is auditing something they do on a part time basis to fill in during slower times of the year? Find an auditing firm that is focused on only doing audits is highly preferable.
  • Communication. You need to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing confidential details of your business with the firm. It’s important to be able to work with someone you can communicate with in such highly important financial matters.
  • What type of experience does the auditing firm have? Choose a firm who has worked with a company similar to your own and understands your specific needs and requirements.

One of the easiest, stress-free options to find an auditing firm is to contact the expert business consultants at They do all of the work in screening the highest quality firms and will provide you with multiple quotes so that you can get back to concentrating on your other important responsibilities.

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