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IRS Scandal Brings Up Financial Concerns for Many: How the Best Accountants Can Help Avoid Those Tax Worries

The recent IRS Scandal  has many people, including business owners, thinking about their own finances and tax concerns. The news came to light in early May when it was disclosed that the agency had been improperly targeting some conservative groups

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Petsmart Names New CFO: How to Find a CFO for Your Business

After hiring a new CEO and COO earlier this year, Petsmart announced recently that Carry Teffner would become their new chief financial officer and she took over this role on June 3. Teffner has served as the CFO for several

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Small Business Accountants Help Organizations Achieve Success: How they can help yours too

Did you know that most small businesses utilize outside accounting services for their companies? A recent survey found that 71 percent of small businesses are currently using the services of an outside accountant and 66 percent began using them during

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How to Find an Auditing Firm and Stay Ahead of the IRS

With the IRS in the headlines recently, many business owners may be holding their breath hoping that they don’t become a target of an investigation or an audit. The dreaded word is enough to make anyone experience heart palpitations. If

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Where is my Refund? Find an Accountant Now to Save Stress and Money Next Year

If you’re still waiting for your tax refund, you can check the status here: Where is my refund? When it does arrive, consider putting a little of that money away so that you can find an accountant to save stress

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