Microsoft Names New Corporate CFO: How to Find Your Own for Optimal Financial Operations

the best business accountant can now be used entirely online with goodaccountants.comPopular software corporation, Microsoft, recently announced the name of their new corporate CFO. Amy Hood was the chief financial officer of the company’s business division, but has become the company’s overall CFO effectively immediately.

Hood headed up Microsoft’s $24 billion business division since 2010 and prior to that she oversaw the launch of Office 365 and two of the company’s most significant acquisitions, Skype and Yammer.

Hiring the right CFO can make the difference between success and failure for a company. A good CFO can function as the owner’s business partner, allowing the owner to step away from the books and manage other aspects of the business better.

A CFO often takes responsibility for handling financial analysis, budgets and accounting, insurance, banking, accounts receivable as well as real estate and even legal issues.

A business like Microsoft obviously knows exactly what to do to find the very best. If you’re a business owner, how can you find your own expert corporate CFO?

Determine qualifications

The first step in hiring a CFO is to determine the qualifications you’ll need for that role and develop a job description.  The best corporate CFO should be a strong manager, an excellent strategic thinking with outstanding finance skills and good business sense.

Do you need someone who acts as a traditional CFO, charged with responsibilities like preparing financial statements, planning tax strategies and developing budget forecasts? Or, do you need someone who can do even more than that by taking a major role in strategic planning and helping the business stay on the right path toward its goals?

Specific industry experience, accounting skills, leadership skills and involvement in industry organizations are just a few of the other factors to consider.

Finding the right candidates

The more difficult and time consuming task comes with locating the right candidates. Hiring a corporate CFO can be one of the most important things you’ll do for your business. Screening hundreds of potential candidates can take hours and hours of time.

Instead, call the consultants at who can deliver the best CFO candidates who have already been screened at no cost or obligation to your company.  Free up your time to do what you do best, while receiving the top expert for your needs.