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Don’t Spend Your Time Crunching Numbers: Find Bookkeeper, Save Money

One of the most common mistakes a small business owner makes is failing to hire a bookkeeper. They often feel they can handle the books themselves, in addition to all of their other responsibilities. Unfortunately, what often happens is that

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How to Find the Best Accountants

Marketing is a must for any business, and that includes accountants. Hiring a marketing firm to grow an accounting practice can result in long-term, residual income, skyrocketing annual revenues. In the past, many accountants have ignored internet marketing for growing

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Microsoft Names New Corporate CFO: How to Find Your Own for Optimal Financial Operations

Popular software corporation, Microsoft, recently announced the name of their new corporate CFO. Amy Hood was the chief financial officer of the company’s business division, but has become the company’s overall CFO effectively immediately. Hood headed up Microsoft’s $24 billion

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Smart Businesses Hire a Tax Accounting Company: Why You Should Too

Successful companies realize the importance of hiring help for managing their taxes. Just two of the well-known clients assists include the popular hamburger chain Johnny Rockets and one of the biggest doughnut eateries in the nation, Dunkin Donuts. There

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Tax Season Has Ended: Find an Accountant Now So Your Business is Better Prepared Next Year

 With this year’s tax season over, the last thing you probably want to do is think about next year’s taxes, but planning now is essential for avoiding headaches and getting better control over your business’ financial future. The sooner you

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