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The Benefits of Professional Tax Preparation

 When it comes to many different jobs, you can usually save money by handling it yourself, but with taxes it’s often a different story. For both business owners and individuals, hiring a professional will often save you more money in

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Dummies Guide to Accountants for Small Businesses

For most people an accountant is someone who solves problems you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. But as with most humor and fun, there is an aspect of truth

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Featured Accountant Nancy J. Williamson | Austin Texas Accountant

For our next segment of Good Accountants, featured accountant post; we would like to extend our congratulations to Nancy J. Williamson. Nancy is a Certified Public Accountant in the Austin, Texas area, where she does amazing work for her clients.

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6 Ways A CFO Service Can Increase Productivity

Chief Financial Officer Service and Your Business Many businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of hiring a professional CFO Service provider. However, businesses often fail to perform the right research to ensure that their choice is going to be

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Featured Accountant Susan Haase | South San Francisco Accountant

The Good Accountants Blog Presents our Second Featured Accountant… Susan Haase,  CPA – Good Accountant in South San Francisco Here is our second installment of our featured accountant post! We are proud to present Susan Haase with this honor. Susan

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Featured Accountant Nita Roopchand | Find an accountant in Plantation, Florida

Without further ado, here is the kick-off post to our newest featured accountant series: Nita Roopchand, CPA, MBA. Nita is an accountant in Plantation, Florida. She practices at a full service accounting firm, which is conveniently located in the Plantation

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Online Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

When choosing an accountant for your business, you have more options open to you than you may initially think.  All the opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages of traditional accounting are natural at your disposal.  However, online accounting offers its own advantages,

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How to Find an Auditing Firm to Uncover Financial Weaknesses in Your Company

Recently, it has been uncovered that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has significant problems with their financial tracking. An audit done by the state comptroller’s office showed that credit card expenses were not tracked correctly, and there are many transactions

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CFO Resigned? How to Find a CFO to Take Your Business to the Next Level

What should a company do after their CFO has resigned? Recently, Jim Bonsall, the CFO for the city of Detroit resigned, after allegations were made that he demeaned a coworker during a meeting. An internal investigation is moving forward to

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Best Accountants: Which Qualifications are Important for an Accountant?

Finding a good accountant is an important aspect of running a small business, but it can be a challenge to find the best accountants for the needs of your company. There are many accountants available to choose from, but certain

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