5 Reasons You Need a Business Accountant

a good business accountant can save your businessWhile small business owners may start out thinking that a business accountant is a luxury they can’t afford, it won’t be long before they realize that a business accountant is a necessity they can’t afford not to have.

The financial health and ultimate success of your business should be put into the hands of a professional and never left to chance. Many businesses fail due to lack of financial planning and a lack of proper accounting practices.

Start your business out right

By hiring an accountant for your business, you can be assured that your company follows standard accounting practices from day one.  The accountant will make sure that your business’ spending habits are fiscally sound and that you’re properly using your business and personal funds. They’ll help you keep track of income and expenses in order to determine what’s working right, and what’s not.

It’s imperative that your business follows all of the complicated state, federal and local regulations – and your accountant will make sure that your financial records are straight and that you’re following all of the current laws.


Having a business accountant can often pay for itself by saving you money on taxes. He or she will help you take advantage of areas in which you can save. These accountants are also up to date on all of the latest tax laws for small businesses, and they can make sure that you’re in compliance in order to avoid future tax issues.

Time for the business owner take care of day-to-day operations

One of the biggest advantages of securing a business accountant is that you’ll have time to concentrate on what you do best, and that’s running the business. If you have to the majority of your time worrying about the financial end of things, you’ll never have time to grow the company.


A business accountant will plan ahead for to handle upcoming expenses and make sure there is money on hand to pay employees when the cash flow is down. He’ll help identify areas that are the most profitable and which might be losing money- which can save your company’s future.


It’s easy to see how hiring an accountant can offer a great value in not only helping the company save money and avoid dangerous pitfalls, but as a proactive partner in growing the business, they’re often an invaluable asset.

If you aren’t sure where to find a good business accountant, GoodAccountants.com has access to thousands of highly qualified accountants with experts available to assist you in finding the right one for your business at no cost to you.

Why You Need a Corporate CPA

a corporate CPA can help your businessA corporate CPA is similar to a regular Certified Public Accountant, but deals with corporations and the business industry. They are specialized in their knowledge in regard to industry standards and can be an outstanding asset for those who are starting a new business.

Setting up your future

Setting up your business for a successful future is crucial, and a corporate CPA is an expert at doing just that. With the ability to walk you through the financial aspects of your corporate setup as well as to offer both short and long term financial strategies. An accountant who is well-versed in corporate dealings can make the difference in the success or failure of the business.

Government regulations

As most of us realize, following and being aware of all of the numerous government regulations can be a nightmare to keep up with as they continue to grow more complicated almost every day. A corporate CPA is required to keep up to date with all of this, including pertinent legislation changes. They can help the small business owner determine the appropriate business structure for their venture and also assist with setup, taxation, registration as well as filing corporate tax returns.

As a business owner, trying to deal with all of this while running a company can be a nightmare, but a dedicated corporate CPA can help you with this so that you can move on with handling what you do best –running the day-to-day operations and making your business grow.

Tax planning

A good corporate accountant can not only help you with standard tax reporting, but should also be able to offer general tax planning advice in order to maximize business tax deductions. The accountant can often save you more money than his services cost by providing the business owner with the knowledge of what can be claimed and cannot be claimed.

Other services

A corporate accountant can help you maintain the business’ financial records, generate standardized financial documents and reports and even sending up a business banking account. This type of accountant often provides priceless business consulting advice in regard to cash flow management, inventory management and price control as well as business financing.

Finding a trusted corporate CPA may sound like a daunting task, but by contacting GoodAccountants.com, this free service will help you find the right accountant for your business with access to thousands of the best and most qualified accountants and accounting firms.

How to Find a Forensic Accountant

a forensic accountant gets to the bottom of financial crimesIf you’re in search of a forensic accountant, the odds are, you and your business may be under quite a bit of stress as forensic accounting is usually involved when there is a legal dispute, including law suits, or investigations including fraud, embezzlement or identity theft.

Finding a reputable forensic accountant can save you time and stress and allow you to focus on the other important aspects of running your company. These professional financial investigators are able to decipher complicated financial data including tax returns, bank statements and other business records and prepare reports from the information that can be more easily understood and used in court proceedings.

Finding the right accountant

Finding the right forensic accountant in this type of situation is crucial. Choosing a general accountant without experience in forensic accounting is akin to asking a dentist to perform heart surgery. The accountant should be a Certified Fraud Examiner.

GoodAccountants.com employs the services of more than fifty, full-time professional business consultants that are able to assist business owners in finding the best accounting professional for their particular business and situation. This free service can be a key factor in assuring you’ll secure the right forensic accountant that can contribute to the ultimate success of your business.

The accountant must be credible as they’ll typically be called as an expert witness in order to provide evidence. With the opposing counsel designed to reveal any flaws in the accountant’s abilities, there cannot be any question when it comes to their experience, skills, professional and personal background. Utilizing the services of GoodAccountants.com will assure that all of these bases are covered.

Other factors

Forensic accounting can be complicated, and it’s especially important to find the right professional whose accomplishments and affiliations are the closest match to the business owner’s needs. The accountant should have a working knowledge of your business and industry, or of a business similar to yours. They should have excellent references from both past and present business clients as well.

With some many stringent requirements in obtaining this type of accounting professional, it may seem a bit overwhelming. The time it would take to locate, interview and check references of each and every forensic accountant in your area would make it nearly impossible to continue handling the day-to-day responsibilities of your business.

Fortunately, GoodAccountants.com has already done this work for you and you can get back to doing what you do best.

How to Find the Right Tax Attorney

finding the right tax attorney for your business is crucial for success Tax attorneys are lawyers that specialize in the often complex and technical arena of tax law. Facing tax issues, whether personally or professionally, can be one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life, and choosing the right tax attorney will help make the journey a smoother, less-anxiety ridden trek. Choose the wrong one, and you might end up pulling your hair out as you scream and run for the hills.

Don’t go to the yellow pages

While your first thought may be to begin with the yellow pages, this may be the worst source of all. An attorney that needs to advertise may not be the best unless they just moved to the area, or are just starting out- and in that case you probably want someone with more experience anyway.

The best source is someone who has been in your particular situation and has a reputable tax attorney that did a good job for them. If that isn’t an option, you can also do some searching online to find candidates, but it will be important to weed out potential scammers or inept attorneys who could put you in an even worse situation than you’re already in.

Questions to ask

  • How long has the attorney been in business specifically solving IRS problems? The longer the better – and he/she should also have references from past clients who were satisfied with their work. A general lawyer or CPA may do tax law on the side, but without handling tax resolution every day, it would be impossible for them to know all of the tricks of the trade as well as the loopholes.
  • What is their success rate on tax cases? It’s important to compare cases that are similar to your particular tax situation. Ask specifically how much the tax attorney saved their clients.
  • If the attorney asks for all of the fees upfront, this is a clear sign that it’s time to walk away. Without any forthcoming payment, the attorney has no incentive to work hard at saving you money on your taxes.
  • Remember that when you’re dealing with the IRS, there are no guarantees. No self- respecting attorney should offer a guarantee in regard to resolving your tax situation.

Referral service

Your best option in finding the right tax attorney to help you or your business is to contact a reputable service such as GoodAccoutants.com with access to over 50,000 accounting firms and tax professionals who are dedicated to helping to reduce your tax liability. This is your best route at keeping more of your hard earned money without having to hand it all over to the IRS

How Accounting Services Can Help Your Business

find the right accounting services for your businessMany small businesses owners start out by handling all of the financial matters of the company on their own, and initially it’s easy enough to handle. You may not even think about needed accounting services, but as soon as your business begins to grow, it can quickly turn into something that is overwhelming; trying to take care of the taxes and all of the business finances while running day-to-day operations requires more hours than there are in a day.

Saving money

Accounting services can save you lots of money by increasing your business efficiency and allowing you to concentrate on business expansion and profit generation. It allows you to make more sound financial decisions that will be better for your business in the long run. In addition, you’ll be able to assess productivity and business solvency enabling you to be more proactive about making necessary changes.

Employing an accounting firm to handle you’re the finances of the business rather than having to employ and train your own employees is usually a lot more cost effective, especially for a small business.


Accounting services can also save you money on your taxes, as well as a big headache. Businesses of all sizes can often have complicated tax issues, and trained experts are required to keep up with ever-changing tax laws. Staying updated on all of these laws are time consuming but also vital to a successful business. By utilizing the professionals you’ll find at GoodAccountants.com, you’ll be assured that your business is not assessed with penalties or interest, and you’ll receive advice on tax breaks enabling you to save even more money.


Hiring professionals such as the accountants and accounting firms you’ll find through GoodAccountants.com will allow you to utilize the most qualified and experienced in your industry to handle the accounting for your business- without having to weed through hundreds of candidates and hiring someone on staff.  With the peace of mind knowing that your company’s finances are being taken care of by knowledgeable and reputable professionals, this is one less worry off your mind.

You now have more time to focus on your business and make income from it.


In addition to handling taxes and other finance related tasks, accounting services can be utilized for payroll as well. Outsourcing payroll can often be more cost effective than doing payroll on site, with fewer employees needed it saves money on salaries as well as benefits. Payroll is also more secure when done by an outside source, with less people within the company having access to it.

Top Reasons You Should Consider A Business Accountant

the best business accountant can now be used entirely online with goodaccountants.comBeing in business requires a person to learn and master many skills. They will need to master people skills, verbal skills and time management just for starters. In addition, they’ll need to know something about laws, taxes and different property codes, all depending on the type of business they are in. A wide range of knowledge can be a great thing but it often doesn’t allow a person to be an expert in any one given area. If a business is only able to hire one expert it should be an professional business accountant.

An Excellent Accountant Can Save Your Business Money

It may seem strange to think that hiring another person will actually save your business money but in this case it is absolutely true. A good business accountant can help your company save money by providing tax advice. There are many ways a company can save thousands of dollars when they do their taxes and having a professional help you navigate through Uncle Sam’s backyard can really pay off.  In addition to giving advice on taxes they can also provide advice on bookkeeping.

You may be using a specific way to keep track of expenses and income only to find that it is flawed. Perhaps too much time is taken to input money or the system is too complicated. When working with an accountant their professional eye can pick up on nuances you might have missed. They may be able to help you select software or implement time saving strategies to help you keep and maintain your books.

Guidance With Business Planning And Cashflow

Managing cashflow is a term that is often completely misunderstood and when it is, it can run your business into the ground quickly. Having a professional business accountant on board to help you analyze your cashflow can help you navigate through tight times better. They can often spot problems well before the average business owner and come up with solutions to keep an ideal cashflow rock solid.

One of the best things about using an accountant is that if they work with businesses, then they see them at all stages. The wisdom gained by looking at many different types of businesses in different stages and various financial situations is priceless. This kind of experience makes it possible for a good accountant to come up with a wide range of solutions for a host of different problems. The wisdom from their experiences can help with planning what the business should do and how the assets should be managed.

Discovering the right accountant for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Often online searches will turn up countless prospects. There are even directories like Goodaccounting.com that can get you in touch with many professionals able to offer the service you are looking for.

How to Find an Accountant

when it comes time to find an accountant think of goodaccountants.comIf you need to find an accountant for your business, searching the internet is a good place to start. After searching for a few minutes, you should have a general idea of the services offered and prices charged for accounting services. An internet search is also useful if you are not sure what specific services you need. With the many listings of accountants and services offered, you can decide your specific needs and then choose an accountant who can provide those services for your business. If you use a search engine to look for an accountant, you will find on the first search page many established firms that provide accounting services. Keep in mind that just because they are first in the search, they might not be best for your needs .Search thoroughly to see the full range of accountants available to you.

Specific Websites

Another way to find an accountant is to use a quotation website. These allow you to enter the services needed, and accountants registered through the site send you a quote. Of course you won’t want to just pick the lowest quote; you will need to inquire further before making a choice. You can also find accountants through your search, and view their websites. You can view the list of services they provide to see if they offer what your company needs. They often have references from former and current customers available for you to read. Many offer an option for submitting information about your needs, and then they will send you a quote for their rates on the requested services.

Online Registries

Another way to locate an accountant for your company is to go to an online registry of professional accountants. An accountant registry, such as Goodaccountants.com, can provide you with information on registered accountants that are available for full time, part time, long term and short term hiring. You tell them what you need, and they match you with accountants, accounting firms, and auditors. Their matching services are free. You can then narrow down the choices by contacting the ones you are most interested in. You should, by then, have established the criteria you are looking for so that you are able to ask questions as needed in order to make your final choice.

Sources Besides The Net

If you have exhausted your online search, but haven’t been able to make a final determination, there are several other ways to find an accountant. One way is to check the yellow pages of your local phone directory. Many accountants and accountant firms have ads posted in the yellow pages that provide a list of their services, as well as contact information. Many have websites that you may not have come across in your search. You can browse the websites of local accountants listed in the yellow pages. You can also contact colleagues and acquaintances to see which accounting firms they use. Although every business has different accounting needs, if a colleague is happy with the services of an accounting firm, the firm could be a good match for you as well.

Forensic Accounting Job Opportunities – Infographic

Forensic Accounting – Potential Places of Employment

We have gathered information from the Journal of Forensic Accounting and created an informative infographic. Forensic Accounting most literally means: the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings. Here are the potential job placements for forensic accountants:

Forensic Accounting Job Opportunities - Infographic

 To learn more about Forensic Accounting and how to find an accountant, visit us at www.GoodAccountants.com 

Tips to Find a Bookkeeper

Finding an individual or company to provide bookkeeping services for your business can be extremely difficult. The difficulty is not in the lack of bookkeepers, but rather from the large number of companies and individuals who offer bookkeeping. How do you know which bookkeeper to choose? To find a bookkeeper may seem daunting enough, but then you must select from many choices.

Searching For The Bookkeeper

One of the easiest ways to find a bookkeeper is to perform a search online. Online registries of professional accountants and bookkeepers, such as Goodaccountants.com, provide information for reputable, experienced bookkeepers. You can also use a search engine to look for bookkeepers. Pay particular attention to the top ten or so listings, as they have earned the best internet reputations. You can also ask colleagues for recommendations for bookkeepers in your area whom they have been satisfied with. Another option for finding a bookkeeper is consulting the yellow pages of your local phone directory. You will find contact information at a minimum, and if the bookkeeper has an ad, you can find out more about individual services offered.

Once you have found some prospective bookkeepers, you need to narrow down your choices and make a decision. Many bookkeepers offer free consultations so that you can meet them and find out more about the services they offer and the fees that they charge. An individual or company that will offer you a free consultation is always a good sign, because it shows that they care about gaining new clients and are much more likely to work with you to suit your unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. By speaking with the prospective bookkeeper, you will be able to easily assess if their services are in line with your goals.


There are many important questions you will need to ask a prospective bookkeeper. You should, of course, ask about experience and get some references for companies they have worked for that are similar to your own. Every industry differs in its accounting needs, and what works in one industry is not always the best option for another industry. You know what your specific needs are, so be sure to choose a bookkeeper who is experienced and capable in those areas. If your business is related to the internet, for example, you will need a bookkeeper who is experienced with e-commerce.

You also need to establish how many hours per week you will need bookkeeping services so that you can find a bookkeeper who can accommodate your needs. If you are only looking for a part time bookkeeper, consider consulting an online registry, such as Good Accountants, that can provide you with contact information for accountants and bookkeepers that can be hired on a part time or short term basis. A registry can also provide contact information for bookkeepers that are available for full time employment as well.

Recover Lost Profits with an Accounting Audit

An inefficient accounting system can cost you money. Duplicating payments, overlooking billing errors, and over paying taxes are just some of the ways that inefficiency in your accounting can cost your business. Problems with accounts receivable aspects, such as delaying the sending of invoices or neglecting overdue accounts, can also take a bite out of your profits. If you have concerns about the efficiency or effectiveness of the accounting operations of your business, then consider hiring a professional to conduct an accounting audit for you.


By discovering how your accounting system is costing you money, you can work on solving the problems, which will increase your profits. Not only will an audit find your accounting errors, but it will also find out why errors were made. For example, if overpayments are being made, an audit can discover the reasons for it. It may be that your software needs an adjustment, or it could be an error in the practice of your accountants. If you are losing money in many ways, such as over payments, duplicate payments or accrual errors, then an audit will detect the number and scope of the errors. Every error that costs you money reduces your profit margin, and understanding the reasons behind the errors is crucial to preventing the same kind in the future. Whatever the accounting problem may be, an accounting audit is the first step towards solving it.

Business Growth

If your business has grown, it is likely that your accounting system may not be growing with it. More business means more complexities, and complexities lead to errors. An audit of your accounting practices can determine if there is a need for additional employees in your accounting department, or if your current employees need additional training to manage new responsibilities. While good accounting software is a great start, your employees are just as important. Especially with the changes each year in tax laws and regulations, it is important that your accountants are up to date at all times on all of the tax changes that affect your bottom line. An accounting audit can reveal errors that have occurred in deductions that are costing you money.

A complete analysis of your accounting system by a professional and experienced auditor can not only find and recover errors, but it will help you devise new financial strategies. The percentage of the recovered money paid to the auditor will be made back many times over by finding and solving problems in your accounting system. Even errors of a few cents can add up over time, and audits often find errors considerably larger being made all of the time. An online registry of professional accountants, such as Goodaccountants.com, can provide you with a professional to conduct an accounting audit on your business.