How to Get the Best Accountant that New York Has to Offer?

How do you find the best accountant in New York?  The first step is to evaluate what you will be using the accountant for. What attributes of your business makes it unique? Is it a seasonal business? Is it international? Who else in your business will be communicating with this accountant? Do they have any specific needs or concerns that will need to be addressed?

Get Recommendations from others in your Industry

An ideal way to navigate through the thousands of New York accountants, is to ask individuals from your industry for a recommendation.  Ideally, the best accountant in New York will have already worked in your industry and so is familiar with the specific challenges within your field.   Ask your references for the reason for their recommendation to determine if this accountant would work for your company.

Try to get as many recommendations as possible.  If you have limited contact with professionals in your industry than use one of the several search engines (accountant referral tools) available on the internet, like Good Accountants. These companies have often done some of the preliminary legwork for you and can help you streamline your search for the best accountant in NY.

Conduct a Job Interview

One of the best ways to find the perfect fit for your company is to use the same method that you would to find a new employee.  Write a detailed job description for your future accountant including all of the skills that the position will require.  Although it may seem time consuming, this process will pinpoint the specific accounting requirements for your company and help you find the perfect candidate.

Contact at least five accountants that you believe will suit your company’s needs and set up a job interview with them.  Ask for references, credentials and have the accountant provide you with an overview on how they would meet your business needs.

Give yourself adequate time to find the best accountant in New York for your company.  Ideally, you would like to develop a long term relationship with this accountant. To do this successfully you will need to find the individual that is the best match for your company’s specific needs.